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  1. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

    Ok, now that I’m past the HOLY CRAMP THAT’S A TWO-INCH SPIDER phase, I can say how lovely it is.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me…


  2. Hey, we have one of those too! He’s taken up residence over my rose bushes. Does every home in Southern California have one y’think?

  3. Bwa ha, Ms. Karen! That was my reaction: “How cool,” but in a “I’m about to hurl” kind of way. I had to wedge myself between its web and the house to get that first picture, too—it’s a little blurry BECAUSE I WAS SHAKING.

    Jennifer, this is the first time I’ve EVER seen one of these on our property. Usually we get orb weavers, which I’ve always called “the orange ping pong balls,” because sometimes it seems like they get that big. But this argiope… it was a first!

    April Redmon, I have lived in Texas, and therefore I know very well there are heaps bigger and scarier bugs beating down your door EVERY DANG DAY. I almost passed out the first time I saw a “cow killer.”

  4. LOL! I have one of those right at this very moment living on my garage door. It just moved there from the corner of our house. It’s a seriously creepy thing isn’t it? Here in Oklahoma, I’ve seen spider’s that are more dangerous, but this one is HUGE and that in and of itself is scary!

  5. Heh. I have a friend I’m sending here this morning. He’s going to freak out. Seriously. That’ll make my morning complete. Bwa-ha-ha!

  6. Brave Bonnie.

    Shudder…as long as it stays outside, it’s safe.

    Pretty in a horrific way.

    Trade you the black widow from the garage I’m currently hunting with a vengeance? Spider traps, here I come!

    And Mojo left it alone?

  7. Kristen & Laurel Wreath, Mojo left it alone because it did not smell like a liver treat. We’ve got black widows in the garage, though. Scary! I will admit to squishing black widows, but ony when I find them INSIDE.

    Honey, you are the kind of friend we all LOVE, when we’re not shrieking in fear.

    Bernita and April seriously, if you squished this thing, your shoe would slide across the floor!

    Hi, Sandy! Texas and Oklahoma: land of the Monster Bugs, that’s what I’ve always said.

  8. OMG! I HATE SPIDERS… that looks like one we had outside on our kitchen window… ewww… I’m still shuddering…

  9. oooh. She’s gorgeous. I love bugs (to look at, not crawling on me). I did a series of paintings of insects that was so much fun to do (mostly purchased by attorneys and dentists for their offices) ha!

  10. By law, all spiders should have to wear a bell around their neck so you know just where they are.


  11. Eek, that thing is creepy! I had a little spider living in my side view mirror for a while (like weeks). That was kinda cool just seeing how long the thing would stick around. He made it through a couple car washes and a 1400 mile trip. Sadly, he left not too long ago. RIP Spidey.

  12. Hi. You should get a medal for bravery, photographing that thing. Aaaaaaarg!! I am terrified of spiders of any sort. In the UK there are no poisonous ones, but I used to get abseiling ones in my garden there. They used the clothesline as a trapeze and dive-bombed you. Here I get the odd locust from the desert on the balcony but they don’t scare me like spiders!

  13. Ick. Ick. Ick. Post something new fast so I don’t have to look at it every time I click over here.

  14. LOL~ You can always make me smile because I know that whatever crazy thing I’m doing, you are doing something even crazier!

  15. that sucker is so big, it deserves its own zipcode.

    I always go, “Ewwhhhh!” *Splat* Yea, that’s the way I like my achranids…squashed flat and oozing!

  16. oh man, I went back and googled that thing, and now I’m a little more creeped out than I was!..lol

  17. i had a similar one with yellow
    stripes! i named her daisy as
    she perched in our daisy birth.
    i was sure she was fmale due to
    her size. she disappeared one day. =(
    but after meeting daisy, i am
    no longer afraid of spiders! well,
    not the ones i see inside the house
    anyway. i trap them and put them

  18. i meant daisy bush. been
    thinking about my birth story
    too much. hhaa! we are both
    in sd, maybe that is why we
    have similar spiders. i found
    a daisy foto but don’t know how
    to share here to compare!

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