Battleships General Quarters Game

Screenshot of Battleships Game

No pieces to set up or put away, no lost little depth charges that disappear—until the vacuum cleaner sucks them up, anyway—and you never have to worry about your opponent peeking at your layout and then saying it was just your imagination when you tell him to stop, either.

First, you arrange your ships the way you want them. I prefer to use home design principles that emphasize the proper flow in a living space, but that’s just me. Feng shui might be applicable here, as well.

Screenshot of Battleships Game

Then you and your opponent start dropping depth charges. Dark blue squares mean you’ve checked that area already. Orange squares represent hits. And your hunky first officer pops in every now and then to give you helpful updates, like, “Allright!” “Okay!” and “Our frigate has been sunk!”

Screenshot of Battleships Game

Battleships General Quarters Game.

UPDATE 11/12/2006: I’ve updated the links to direct to the official website, which should always have an updated version of the game. Thanks, James “MacManX” Huff!

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  1. My uncle used to mark the top of the bombs with a tiny scratch. Then he used his knowledge to cheat against us kids.

    You can’t do cool stuff like that with a computer version of this game.

  2. M.G.,, I only ever had the board game to play with the boys. The bombs were little plastic pieces… how did marking them help?

    Thank you, Honey and Squirrel!

    Vanda, me, too. They always cheated! The little boogers.

    I’ll get you yet, Miss Bonnie Calhoun! If it’s the last thing I do…

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