They aren’t taking any mind-altering substances, I swear

SCOTT: You know what would be neat? Having a tail. I would like to have a tail just like a monkey. I could hold my drinks with my tail.

SQUIRT: Wait, wait, WAIT! Would you rather have a TAIL? Or WINGS? Think about it! You could fly anywhere!

SCOTT: Yeah, but with a tail, you’d be so great at climbing stuff. If you had wings you still wouldn’t be very good at flying. And you wouldn’t be so great at climbing stuff, either.

SQUIRT: Yeah. I guess I’d need something like a special bird tail to stabilize myself for flying.

(they think this over)

SQUIRT: Crap, that really sucks, needing a special bird tail.

15 Replies to “They aren’t taking any mind-altering substances, I swear”

  1. Um, is it weird that my husband and I have had a conversation like this? Of course, I think we were drunk at the time.

  2. Sounds like the what super power would you have discussion recently had here.

    Love the way Squirt thinks.

    Happy Friday, Bonnie!

  3. Oh, they forgot invisibility. Yeah, you still can’t climb stuff when you’re invisble, but who would want to?

    Adolescents sure have funny thought processes (is that the right word? uh-oh, someone needs coffee…)

  4. Boys are the strangest creatures. That sounded just like my boys. Girls don’t say things like that, but they are mean. At least my daughter was. She’s grown out of that though. Mostly…

  5. Dear Bonnie…perhaps it’s time for a family movie night. I suggest a rerun of the “Wizard of Oz,” so that your boys can appreciate the wizardry (and aerodynamics) of the flying monkeys.

    Ciao bella…

  6. Hi, guys!

    Bernita, no hallucinogenics, I swear!

    Jaye, I felt like I was the one drinking when I overheard it.

    Kristen, they’re really big into what if scenarios, for some reason. Maybe I used to be like that. I can’t remember!

    Secret Squirrel, that’s what I’ve observed in the cul-de-sac: that girls are mostly the meaner sex at this age. It’s good to know they grow out of it. But we were never like that! We were ANGELS.

    Bonnie, I swear! Only fresh air!

    Dennie, that spider is still there, so we can be creeped out together.

    Hang in there, Mimi. I believe things will get better for you, soon.

    Welshcakes Limoncello, your gelati pictures make me swoon. Yum!

    Hi, Teri! You made me laugh in your last blog post!

    Welcome, MediaGuy. I think they’re the ones with the power—I’ve just got to write it down. I’m thinking of bringing a tape recorder into the car with me.

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