Bonnie Wren lives in San Diego County, California with her Hubby, their sons Tiger and Squirt, two cats and one very stinky bulldog.

She is often confused with Bonnie Wren, the Singer. However, all confusion is immediately dispelled the moment Bonnie Wren, the Writer, opens her mouth.

Read more about Mojo, the majorly stinky bulldog.

About This Site

This version of Bonnie’s site started out as an experiment in using blog software as a CMS, which is a fancy way of saying “site management for goobers who know just enough HTML, PHP and FTP to get into some major trouble.”

Now she’s given up the CMS and just does it like a blog, because 1) it’s easier, and 2) it’s lots more fun to fiddle with. So it may change in appearance from day to day as Bonnie messes with the color scheme, the fonts and generally moves things around instead of doing any actual writing.

Her old, static site is here.