Several projects that were happy to play by themselves have suddenly started throwing tantrums and demanding all my time. I had to put two of them down for a nap and one into time-out, just so I could escape for a few minutes and let you all know I haven’t been hit by a bus.

And I also wanted to show you something quite alarming. Take a look at this!

Mrs. Argiope, fat and pregnant! Mrs. Argiope, skinny and no longer pregnant Mrs. Argiope, fat again!
A pregnant Mrs. Argiope on 9/02/2006 A not so pregnant Mrs. Argiope,on 9/10/2006 Mrs. Argiope on 9/19/2006

(That cloudy stuff isn’t junk on my lens; it’s her web.)

I’m sensing a trend here, and frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if I am as arachno-tolerant as I made myself out to be earlier.

I mean, it’s one thing to have a token Argiope family living nearby, but now it looks like they’re going to take over the whole neighborhood!

On a side note, I haven’t visited anyone in a long time… I’m sorry! I’ll catch up tomorrow.


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  1. You know, they say the average person swallows approximately eight spiders in their sleep every year.

    Guess you have to eat them while they’re sleeping so they don’t bite.

  2. Wow. Charlotte just can’t keep her eight legs closed, can she? Perhaps you should have “the talk” with her.

    Ciao bella…just back in town myself.

  3. See what happens when the word gets out that there is a great place to spin your web. That’s why I have 14 feral cats. In my case you fed one and they go and tell a friend who goes and tells a friend who goes and tells a friend…..oh crap, this could go on and on and on and on…..

  4. OMG! I was waiting for you to post an update on Miss Spider…the little missy at our house just put up her second sack and I just noticed today that she was definitely a lot smaller…and on Tuesday night, I actually stood outside and watched her eat her web, and then respun it!!! I was soooooo excited…and then I was sad about how excited I was about that…lol…

  5. She’s beautiful! In a creepy sort of way.

    I, too, try to be arachno-tolerant. Especially around my girls.

    See the beauty…feel the creature love…spiders are good…

    It works until they start to look like they could eat baby birds.

  6. ….although – the youngest just ran screaming for the room wqhen he saw the sceen – ahhhh, alone time – I guess that pic has advantages

  7. LaurelWreath, if they are under my bed, they are toast! In the back yard, if they leave me alone, I won’t squish ’em.

    Lesia, the boys believed this one about humans swallowing spiders, too, but it isn’t true! See here.

    Addiction, it helps to have a camera with the “anti-shake” feature! If you’re trembling, you’re less likely to blur the shot!

    Welshcakes, thanks for worrying about me!

    Jaye and Teri, bwa ha! “Spider Promiscuity, A Field Study, by Jaye Wells and Teri Gray Franta.”

    Wander, you are right. We’ve got “Sucker” plastered on all of our foreheads.

    Sandy, I got excited about it, too! I think watching Mrs. Argiope eat her web and respin it is better than TV! I don’t know why—I just do. We are psycho, are we not?

    Heh! April thinks we’re psycho!

    Robin, exactly. I try to be aracho-tolerant around my boys, so I won’t look like a wimp!

    Steve, a man can save his woman from spiders in the house! (And take out the trash without being asked.) That’s what a man can do, and we love the men who do it, too, although perhaps not as much as Katrina the Courier Molester.

    Cyn, you’re right. And also they might even eat each other. But it is a lot of kids all at once.

    Dennie, trust me: you gain a TON of points by being braver than the boys. Picking up a spider and taking it outside while telling a boy child, “Hush now, it’s more scared of you than you are of it” somehow reduces the Mom Dork Factor.

    Zingtrial, climb down off that chair and have a “cuppa” with me and we’ll watch this spider from a safe distance!

    I don’t know, Squirrel, if it came to rabid squirrel exes vs. a spider, I’d root for the spider every time! I think Mrs. Argiope is a better mom than a certain rabid squirrel ex you know, don’t you? Heh!

    Vaguely Urban, a little too fertile for my comfort level, but I think HOPE it’ll be okay.

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