Okay, so my blogging hiatus is lasting a little bit longer than I expected, but the good news is I’m loving my job!

So until I figure out how to better balance, my job, home life, housework, and a gazillion other projects I’ve got going on, I’ll rearrange things so this site won’t look so neglected. I’ll start with what became the most popular parts of my site.

Here are my columns. Some of the recent ones are not-so-column-like, but hey, it’s MY blog. So there. (Oh, yeah, there are a few columns in my Super Sabado posts, too.)

And here is Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About Hubby.

Here are all my Meet the Family posts, which are mostly about life with my stinky teenage boys. The stinky animals in our happy home get a category all their own: Little Critters.

My Monday Morning Mojo posts: these started out as my collection of photographic evidence to prove how destructive — and goofy — a bulldog can be. Then they turned into comics. And movies.

My Procrastination posts: fun ways to waste your time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about Bubble Shooter.

My thoughts on So Cal Living. Or you can look at the Wren’s Eye View (what I see in my part of this world).

Here is what I wrote about my never-ending Battle of the Bulge.

I really want to be a geek, but I’ll probably never be much more than a Geek Wannabe. And sometimes I write about scientific things as if I actually know something about science. This is what you call Decidedly Unscientific.

Sometimes I feel strongly enough about something to actually develop… wait for it… an opinion! Wow! Hence, my Opinionated category. Sometimes I’ll even develop an opinion about blogs/books/whatever I’ve read and movies I’ve watched. (Boy, we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point, aren’t we?)

Here is Everything Else, AKA “And More,” and my blog as I left it is here.