17 Replies to “Monday Morning Mojo: Bucky takes over”

  1. You… you have a Siamese?!? I ADORE Siamese cats. I used to have one many years ago, and yes, that is exactly how they act. Pai used to yell into his food bowl if anyone so much as looked his way while he was eating. I really miss that cat.

  2. Bernita, I am normally an unflappable woman, but when Mojo gazed upward as if he were praying for strength, I almost lost it.

    Sandy, the problem with Bucky is that he KNOWS he is beautiful. He’s tough, too.

    Ms. Karen, aren’t Siamese cats great? We named this one after Bucky Katt from the Get Fuzzy comic strip.

    Kristen, I am enjoying your kitten tales, too!

    Yeah, Dennie, I do feel sorry for this dog. He tries to act all tough around Bucky, but Bucky just laughs at him.

    Sissy! I left you a message… did you get it?

    Squirrel, Bucky’s been around for a while… you can see him here, and here, and here, among other places.

    Welshcakes, only one person may cuddle Bucky, and that is Tiger. Bucky believes anyone else is unworthy of the honor.

  3. Oh!! Don’t tell Auggie but I want to hug Mojo BAD!! The look on his face in that last pic is priceless…. it’s as good as the Rumbley in my Tumbley one…….. made my day!

  4. That face …that face …I can barely stand it, he’s so cute.

    Siamese cats …”we are siamese if you please, we are siamese if you DON’T please”*

    * from Lady and the Tramp

  5. Aw, Susan, if it makes Auggie feel any better, I want to hug him real bad, too!

    Thanks, Lesia. I wish I could take credit for their looks, but I guess I can only do that with the human kids.

    Ha, Dink! I remember that song. One of the many Disney tunes I’ll have stuck in my brain even after I’ve forgotten how to use a fork.

    Hi, Buffy! Did you know “Churchill” is a popular bulldog name? I’ve run into several bulldogs named “Churchill.” And “Winston,” too.

    Undone Lady, what you do is go to Gravatar.com and upload an avatar picture to associate with the email address you typically use to post comments. It takes about 3 days after you register for them to approve the avatar, but then it shows up in all the blogs that have enabled gravatars.

    I don’t know about that, Steve! But I sure do appreciate your vote of confidence. Heh!

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