Super Sabado: That would be running, not jogging, which is different

The boys are away on a travel meet, and everybody we run into keeps asking Hubby and me the same question:

You’re alone this weekend? How come you guys aren’t running around the house, naked?

First of all, the questioner seems to assume that not only have you NOT been doing any running around the house, naked, but also that you do not expect to do any running around the house, naked, EVER.

And all of a sudden you realize that empty-nesters everywhere must have built up this huge reputation for running around the house, naked, and that you’re going to have to live up to it, too, or nobody will ever ask you over for dinner again.

And if this question is asked in, say, the grocery store, you wonder if perhaps the questioner is thinking your grocery shopping is more important to you than running around the house, naked!

And then you’re torn between reassuring them that yes, you do expect to be running around the house, naked, as soon as you get home and unload the groceries… or telling them flat out to mind their own beeswax, at which point you just KNOW they’ll think you never intended to run around the house, naked, and poor Hubby.

So. What to answer back?

Appropriate Response if Asked In the Grocery Store

BONNIE: (blushes) Well, um, I, uh….

And then there’s the problem of knowing that the two of you really did plan to run around the house, naked, but were just trying to get in a few errands first.

Appropriate Response if Your Evening Plans Do Include Running Around the House, Naked

BONNIE: (blushes) Well, um, I, uh….

HUBBY: (puts fingers to head in imitation of bull horns, and paws at the floor with his feet)

And what if you’ve already done a little running around, naked, and hope to do a little more, later, but you really feel like it’s too much information to share with, you know, the WHOLE WORLD.

Appropriate Response if You’ve Already Done a Little Running Around the House, Naked

BONNIE: Ummm… (starts blushing)

HUBBY: (puts fingers to head in imitation of bull horns, and paws at the floor with his feet)

BONNIE: (hits him) Stop that!

Okay, so I’ve put the groceries away… and I am now trying to finish up this Super Sabado, and I’ve got to hurry, for reasons you might be able to guess…

Today’s Super Sabado is another “catching up” blast through the blogosphere. Real Life has interfered with my reading and visiting, not to mention my blogging.

“Ice packs. All gone. Please return. Thank you.”

The royally pissed Ms. Karen, following orders to “keep it short from now on.” Ms. Karen. Still funny. Boss. Major nudnik.

* I should warn: though the Cranberry Body Butter smells divine, it tastes like the worst thing ever. I can scrub my hands clean after application, and still taste it on my fingers hours later when I put on lipbalm… nast! However, this might be a good deterrent for over-eager suitors who try to kiss when kissing is not warranted. “Ha! Eat bitter lotion, Mr. Pushy McGrab Grab!”

The Glitterati of Brain Spam, gladly providing yet another weapon in women’s arsenals against the Mr. Pushy McGrab Grabs worldwide.

If you are not familiar with Italy, you may not know that butter or margarine-type spreads are never used in sandwiches, though some are moistened with olive oil, and butter is never served with bread at the table. There are no bread plates or knives, either; you just break off what you want and let the crumbs fall on the tablecloth.

We don’t know why we are so addicted to Welshcakes Limoncello’s Sicily Scene, but we think it may have something to do with how her meal descriptions always leave us drooling on our keyboard.

I did my civic duty and voted . . . .
. . . .

. . . . For Emmit and Cheryl – Yeah Baby!

Dennie of Dennie’s Thoughts, who, just in case you’re worried, did actually vote in that other election, too.

I need a margarita. Bad.

Here ya go, Desperate Writer. Salúd! Now send that plumber home, and you and your man do a little running around your house, naked.

I vote…it makes me feel good to exercise my right…the people have spoken…is anything going to change? NO, it isn’t!

Bonnie Calhoun, saying exactly what we’ve been thinking.

Miss Snark’s parlor is festooned
with the heads of jerks who chafe her
she has a Googlebomb of Doom
and a cabal on retainer.

M.G. Tarquini of Genre Neutral, with an ode to the Lass Who Nailed a Bauer.

Yes, that was my Barbara Bauer video on Miss Snark’s blog the other day. Thanks for asking.

Biography of a Southern Writer, fessing up.

I love it! I admit it loses something without the actual Eddie.

I laugh every time I hear it …all 4,000 times. heh.

The insomniac Dink of Ink Blog, on an eternal question: Cake or Death? (And we’d like to thank you, Dink, for introducing us to Eddie Izzard. What a hoot he is!)

Caterpallor: The colour you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

Glibido: All talk and no action.

Bernita’s Gigglers (from An Innocent A-Blog), and don’t you wish she’d been your SAT vocab coach?

While passing a school today I saw a child being bullied and the look of pain on the childs face made me feel sorry for the child and that brought memories of the “rat child” Do you know what a rat child is ?

Zingtrial of Working Away, wondering why the exploitation of children still continues in our modern age.

I stepped outside my door one morning to catch the sunrise and was nearly trampled by a fleet of old men in Bermuda shorts, sneakers and navy blue dress socks all vigorously marching counter-clockwise.

Michelle of Scribbit, on things both good and not-so-good about cruising with senior citizens.

Like I said, my whole life is God thumb print. I pray I never lose sight of that.

Laurel Wreath, a rare woman who always looks for the good in her life, rather than the bad.

The Cardinal disconnected the call and leaned back in his chair. He set his glasses on the desk and rubbed his eyes. He was aware of Guiseppes occasional use of the Mafia. An informant in Rome called him whenever he did. He would overlook this small indiscretion only as long as the desired results were obtained. But Guiseppe was getting old. Perhaps it was time to retire him.

Steve G. of on Writing and Having Fun, and let’s just say that the Godfather’s jowls would’ve quivered in fear if he’d gotten a call from the Cardinal.

4. I was a superhero in a different solar system in a past life.

Honey of Meet My Muse, who doesn’t say whether or not it was that solar system’s version of kryptonite that did her in.

To actually sit down and write a well thought entry day after day is intimidating and my creativity is struggling to keep up. I’m just hopping most of the bloggers forget a day and I’ll land one of the great prizes for completing this mission!

And Erika of Mom of Two pulls ahead in the Post-A-Day contest, even though her family faces some scary tests, unlike those of us (ahem) who can’t post because the dirty laundry pile blocked access to the computer.

During the drive Cali regained consciousness and due to the bleeding I could hear her loud and ragged breathing. I kept calling back to her “Keep breathing Cali!” This is the human first aid training that I’ve had, and I’m not sure how useful it is for dogs.

Leslie of *Aster* and whew! We’re not sure we would’ve even been able to remember how to drive at that point!

Yeah, I bought a Krispy Kreme donut with chocolate icing. But, I washed it down with Crystal Light.

Secret Squirrel, whose diet sounds an awful lot like ours, only with dark chocolate rather than Krispy Kreme, and a Frappuccino instead of Crystal Light.

Oh Drew and Neil, you should always tell the truth in a hearing deciding the probable guilt or innocence of your family’s involvement in the untimely demise of Carmen Mesta.

Krista of Stampy, keeping up to date with the Young and the Restless

My college roommies and I, after a long night of par… studying, would wake up in the afternoon and have hot black tea with peanuts and gossip about our neighbors downstairs who had called campus security on us – again. Didn’t they know campus security was already there and they were the ones who brought the ice and the mariachi band?

Dana, of Dana’s Tea House, who prefers her Coke boiled—with lemon.

Well…the blog workshop was not successful. Unfortunately, only one person came, and she said she quit blogging because it was boring.


Did you notice how it seems to be up a hill? It and the bathroom/shower house were and uphill climb e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e time I had to go pee.

Wander of Wander’s World, who had us going “woo-hoo, that’s a great vacation spot,” until she got to this part of her narrative.

The future-Mr. Jaye dared to take the first bite of my much-anticipated Godiva chocolate souffle. Let’s just say he was just shy of pulling back a bloody nub.

Yes. Now, this is what we are talking about. Do not mess with Jaye‘s chocolate. Or our chocolate. We may engage in some obstreperous behavior.

i cheated tonight.

Cyn of a little sweet, a little sour, confessing her NaNoWriMo sins.

Beth is so desperate to get on to the next scene she appeared in my dreams several nights this week. Now, you know you are in trouble when your protagonist starts pestering you in your sleep.

WriteWize, who may need to get a restraining order unless she buckles down this week.

Should I have closed my laptop? Should I have duct taped the kitten to the ceiling? Should I have sacrificed a stuffed sheep I wouldnt be banging my head against my desk until next year?

Kristen of A-Mused Chaos. Look on the bright side, Kristen: the kitten could bringg in some extra dough working for the Geek Squad.

And for those of you whove stayed on until the very end, here’s a tribute to Lost survivors everywhere, of which I count myself as one, especially since the Season 2 DVDs have come out.

18 Replies to “Super Sabado: That would be running, not jogging, which is different”

  1. Krista–I have to say, it looks like Drew and Neil are fixin’to fly the coop. They’re going to get caught in their lie.

    Bonnie– have fun, don’t stub your toe. Takes all the fun out of running around naked. 🙂

  2. Gee…no one ever asks us that. It’s probably because we live in Maine and it’s much too cold in spring/fall/winter to run aorund naked unless you have a woodstove (which we don’t).

    Then in summer, all the doors and windows are wide open, so nakedness must be covert or the neighbors will get a peek.

    I guess the question here would be, “The kids are gone? Why aren’t you home snuggling by the electric heater?”

  3. I might walk around naked, but you wouldn’t catch me running. Well, maybe that’s why I’d walk, easier to catch. Smile

  4. OH man…why do guys do that? Oye vay…

    The only way I go naked is by necessity…like if there are no clean towels after my shower, or going across the hall from the bedroom to the bathroom, or vice versa.

    However, the “bull” pantomime is quite charming…

  5. Hi,I Hope you are well,for me its too cold in winter to go naked. 🙂 .
    Have fun and walk around as you wish.He!He!He!
    Wish you well

  6. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been blogging and I’m SO HAPPY to know that Super Sabado is still alive and well in San Diego!!!!

    Thanks for the laughs and for assuring me that all’s right with the world!

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