God bless us, every one

Mojo in front of fireplace, Hubby's crutches leaning against mantel

I couldn’t help it: I saw Hubby’s crutches leaning against the mantel and thought of Tiny Tim.

Mojo is acting all sincere and everything, but honestly, he is SUCH a faker. This isn’t his “God bless us, every one” look—it is his “What are you going to do with that liver treat?” look.

If I waited another minute to take the picture there would’ve been about a quart of drool on the floor. I bet Dickens never created a character who could do THAT.

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  1. Does he talk while waiting? 😉

    He’s such a cutie. I wuv his ears.

    Don’t let Queen B sit next to Mojo while food is being offered/bribed. She’ll sing, dance and if it’s really worthy of her tummy, she’ll drool a bucket.

    Thanks for reminding me I don’t have the stockings out or hung. Ack!

  2. oh man…Mojo is the cuteness! Seriously, if you ever have need of a babysitter for Mojo, drop him off in Oklahoma, I’d love it!

  3. hahahhahaha I just have to flup mojo’s ears!

    I agree with groovylady mojo is a great dog to visit.

  4. He’s adorable! And looks like an absolute canine angel.

    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Mojo? Well, we do. ‘Cause you’ve shown us the evidence over and over and over.


  5. Everytime I see a picture of Mojo I laugh, want to hug him and talk baby talk to his dearness. He is a cwutie pa-tootoe wootie..oh sorry.

  6. I have a pic from a ski trip I was on when I was 17 – MY crutches next to all the skiis – thought it was cool – wonder where that pic is!?!?!

  7. OMG! You even have stockings up! I don’t even know where our stockings are. If I find them, guess I could lay them by the waterfall…

  8. Oh I don’t no…I think Mojo looks very sincere. As in…sincerely thinking about which XMAS package or ornament he can terrorize next. Then after that, there’s the rug, the shoes, his bed…and then after all that sincerely hard work…there’s the COUCH!!!

    Ciao bella…enjoy the Holidays. Hope the Husband is doing well.

  9. Bonnie – I have been using this picture of Mojo to convince my boyfriend that we need to get a bulldog. After one look, he can barely resist that face! Thanks for the great pic!

  10. Jen, you are very kind! But I must be totally honest: you might not think he was that cute if you saw how I have to clean him! Especially his tail pocket… yuck!

    If you want an English bulldog, check out Lord Goliath’s Bulldog Domain. The forums are very active and you can see what it’s like to live with a bulldog. Oh, and check this here… and this page, too.

    I originally didn’t want a bulldog because they’re lots of work and the vet bills are enormous! As Susan will tell you, she’s spent a TON of money on fixing her bulldogs’ health problems.

    The bulldog personality will always win you over, but dang, the breed is awfully hard on the pocketbook.

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