Super Sabado: The Caffeinated Version

Woo hoo! Today is a really HAPPY Super Sabado, thanks to the most MAGNIFICENT PLACE IN THE WORLD:

CyberBrew Coffee!

No more must I guiltily drive around on Saturday mornings while Tiger does his morning swim practice, guiltily looking for an unsecured wireless internet connection where I might guiltily park close enough to guiltily download or upload, as the case may be, guiltily fearful of being caught the whole time!


No more! Because today I discovered I could 1) buy a cup of coffee and 2) use the free wi-fi at

CyberBrew Coffee!

I bought that cup of coffee. 16 ounces!

Actually, I BOUGHT TWO.

One was a Mexican Mocha Cappuccino, just to keep in with my SUPER SABADO THEME! And if I sound a little more jittery than usual, I DON’T CARE! Because this Super Sabado is brought to you by:

CyberBrew Coffee!

Um, do you happen to know where the ladies room might be?

For today’s Muy Caffeinated Super Sabado I thought I’d highlight some of the more entertaining things I’ve read this week. Take a look:

Telling her friend to hang on, she lays the phone down and goes to look. All I can say is she hasn’t watched enough TV…when you hear a noise, you should beat feet in the other direction…not go towards it…

Bonnie Calhoun, on why the Movie of the Week should be required watching for every Female Character In A Scary Book.

I hated the drawing I was doing, knew it would get a C or less…so, I took it, threw it on the floor and started to stomp on it with my shoes…it made a cool pattern. Next thing I know, the teacher is praising my creativity. So there ya go.

Marianne C. Pearson, sharing her secrets on how to get As in art school.

The blue light from the new modem shows you attempting to stuff a dog cookie into the laundry basket instead of the dog.

Kait of Kait’s Chaos, on how you can tell when you need stimulants (or at least a stronger ceiling light).

Hey! Kait! CyberBrew Coffee!

The teacher’s aide acted fast and got the bag into the sink. We turned the oven vent on and started spraying air freshener, but it was too late.

Mel of the Smooshie Diaries on almost burning down a school, almost losing a job, and other unintended consequences of baking a sugar-free carrot cake.

“A Dolly Parton of a wine”
and a sensible suggestion
“Drink less, spend more”

Memorable quotes from a wine tasting party (as reported by Mark McLellan (gentleman, scholar and acrobat) of Gullible’s Travels

“…the little vixen…”

The Russian Olympic Committee, describing just one twinkle of Sponge Girl‘s multi-faceted personality.

I’m gonna adopt an Asian baby and give her a Black name and raise her speaking Spanish. On the first day of school, the teacher will call roll and say, “LaToya Kirby.”

A cute little Asian girl will stand up and say, “Que?”

Pat Kirby of Ramblings from the Desert, on her future contributions to the American educational system.

DH thought the counseling sessions were the funniest, especially where Mr. Smith pretends to wring Mrs. Smith’s neck.

Why we believe April of Desperate Writer needs to keep a close eye on her man.

The Bali 9 celebrated xmas with a private party complete with roast meats, plum pudding! They now dine on gourmet sandwhiches. Money can bring anything you want to “Kerobokan Prison”. it can even buy privacy for sex with spouses.

Prisoners can have their own mobile phones, if you have around $140 Au you can buy a day of shopping with a guard, or a day at the beach! Many prison cells are adorned with tv’s, dvd players, own mattresses, mats, scented candles, cooking fascilities.

Michelle of Justitia, on why if you must smuggle large quantities of heroin into a country, you might as well do it in Bali.

Little by little, I learned that my guests weren’t looking for me to defy gravity and mix flavors that might not otherwise be mixed, simply for the sake of “pushing the envelope”. It took me a long time to understand that my guests wanted a good meal. Sure, an unexpected flavor that contrasts but doesn’t detract, or a creative yet accessible presentation is fine, but make it edible.

Chef Miklb of Miklb’s Ramblings, on how web design is awfully similar to cooking for a restaurant.

“Who is taking who for a walk ? Har har har” – or- “Why don’t you put a saddle on that and ride it home ? Har har har”. Will Winston crack first and bite one or will I explode ?

Podz of What Makes You Happy?, on why it’s probably best to keep our favorite dog walking witticisms to ourselves the next time we see him walking his Great Dane.

“I think,” said John, “we’d best do hands and kneesies away down this ditch, as low as we can.”

Bernita from An Innocent A-Blog, a few lines away from her first in-print use of the F-word… but it’s WAY so not what you think.

I started to tense up as I heard the woman behind me in line sigh (and sigh, and sigh, and sigh), as our wait was prolonged by a customer with several transactions. As each sigh got louder and more emphatic I could actually feel her breath on my neck.

Teri of Here’s to Happy Women, on why standing in line with Bonnie Wren can be really annoying.

Dry hair, put on moisturizer, cover circles under eyes, add blush to take away that zombie look. Add second shirt. That’s it. I’m done.

KJ of Raising Devils, on how to achieve that dewy fresh look after a long morning spent chasing little devils around the house.

Regarding the “ladies” from my previous post– what they do not know is that I now own one of the poopiest breeds of dog on the planet. Auggie is capable of producing more poo than a herd of cattle.

I think he and I may have to pay a visit to their front lawns.

Susan from The Church of Angst, on Why You Should Always Wave to Your Neighbors. Always. Wave.

And finally, our Dennie needs some help to get a contest going in honor of her book (Her Passion, coming out March 15 from Samhain Press): so she’s created a kind of contest for a contest. Check it out!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

3 Replies to “Super Sabado: The Caffeinated Version”

  1. I adore Saturdays so I can get my fix of Super Sabado and the chance for guac or maybe a margarita.

    But today, I’m touched with coffee. Alas, they aren’t located any where near me. Sob. I must travel. I must find the wonder that is CyberCoffee so that my laundry basket (stuffed full so the Queen of Burritos can climb in and out of bed) will not be offered Two-toes treats.

    Even by the light of a new fast-speed modem, I’m unable to figure out what object in my bedroom is my dog.

    I’m doomed to feed the bed, the basket and eventually, it will be Dawg who gets the cookie shoved into his ear.

    Thanks for the laugh, the amusing spots to visit and the giggle.

    Raises her plain cup of reheated coffee to the Mistress of Super Sabado!

  2. Oh my, i adore reading “Super Sabadoo”, brings all the important news of the week together in a super condensed form 🙂

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