All I want for Christmas…

… is a man who can get stuff for himself.
Hubby's knee: before and after

That black thing he’s pointing at in the “After” picture is an electric refrigerated cast, a device my engineer hubby immediately declared to be a marvel of science. Then the nurse told him he gets to KEEP IT.

Now Hubby believes there really is a Santa Claus, and her name is Rebecca of the Encinitas Surgery Center.

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  1. Dear Bonnie…I can say Dj Vu or been there done that! Either way, I can relate right down to the refrigerated cast!

    Ciao bella…don’t worry about going to the gym for a few weeks. I lost 8-pounds running around fetching for my husband. Maybe you can enlist the aid of Mojo. What am I saying? It’s only days, if not hours before Mojo discovers that refrigerated cast! 😉

  2. You scared me! I looked at the photos before I read the post and thought that black area in the AFTER shot was an empty place where his leg HAD been (gasp!) Very happy to learn hubby still has his leg and a dandy refrigerated cast to go with it.

    Hope the healing goes well and quickly.

  3. Bonnie, I had the same reaction as dink. I thought, “Oh no!” My husband is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and he had a refrigerated wrap for the first week. It kept his shoulder nice and fresh.

  4. I’d never heard of a refrigerated cast, is that so he has a place to keep his drinks while he’s off his feet? Hoping he feels good soon.

  5. Yeow! Looks painful. I wish your hubby a speedy recovery.

    I wonder what’s with the medical door prizes these days? Refrigerators and the like? My hubby got to keep the little wand they used to burn his nasal passages. What are we supposed to do with it? Make jewelry? Can your hubby use his little refrig for beer after he is recovered?

  6. Ho, on the manly member!
    When a male is injured, I feel sorry for him for two days – then I feel sorry for his wife.

  7. Wow…nifty gadget. Speedy recovery for the hubby and sanity for you, Bonnie.

    Shall I send some peppermint divinity that Honey made for me to you? 😉

  8. hope hubby heals well enough
    to help carve up the x’mas turkey! =D
    and hope things settle down for you,
    bonnie, because we all know the
    mom holds the household together! ;*)

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