Go Away. Ant That Means YOU

I just got a postcard from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, warning me to be on the lookout for “The Red Menace” (AKA RIFA, or Red Imported Fire Ants). Ironic, isn’t it? We worry about earthquakes, fires, mudslides, riots, and killer bees−and fire ants sneak in through the back door.

I can tell you anything you want to know about fire ants because I lived in Texas for three years. The Lone Star State is also known worldwide by its other nickname, “The Land of Bugs.” And believe me, I stepped on some beauties. Continue reading “Go Away. Ant That Means YOU”


Sophie and I pet-sit each other’s animals.  Not only do we save ourselves money on kennel fees, we also maintain a sacred vow: if either of us should die while on vacation, the other will hire a cleaning team, hose down the house and fold the laundry before grieving relatives claim their inheritance.

You can’t pay a kennel for that kind of service. Continue reading “Catwoman”