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Here's a little extra humor for you: watch Google try to figure out what each page is about, so it can place relevant ads.

Cool Links

Internet Humor Columnists

W. Bruce Cameron is possibly THE most plagiarized man on the internet... his work is so funny everybody tries to claim it as their own. Chances are, you've been forwarded a corrupted version of one of his classics, like "Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," "The Chili Cookoff," "My Exercise Diary" or "The Wine Tasting." I advise you to go directly to the source: The Cameron Column. Or better yet, buy the best-selling 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter which inspired the hit comedy TV series starring Jon Ritter.

P.S. Wall. If Dave Barry is The King of Syndicated Humor Columnists, P.S. Wall is The Queen.

UPDATE ON P.S. WALL! She gave up the weekly column in order to write a book, and here it is: The Rock Orchard : A Novel . (Hat tip to Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop.)

Ernie Witham moved to California to become a waiter. Unfortunately, he spelled it wrong on the application and instead he became a writer. Except for the cut in pay, he likes being a writer better. From Montecito, California.

Mad Kane writes humor about everything that irks her: computers, cars, work, marriage, family, the Internet, the IRS, money, privacy, web surfing, travel, and everyday life. Fortunately, most things irk her, so she never runs out of material.

Dunno Humor, the funny side of life by Australian columnist John Martin. People write me all the time to ask where they can get a copy of the "Phantom Letter." I send them here!

Maggie Lamond Simone is one funny lady! From Syracuse, New York.

Matt Farr - Rusty Brain - Lubricant for the Mind Very funny stuff from online author and humorist Matt Farr. His thoughtful, hilarious commentary covers topics such as technology, the Internet, music and cats.

Larry Graves - funny mp3's, humorous stories, shocking photos. This guy uses Photoshop like Obi Wan uses a light saber.

Melvin Durai - Humor of Melvin Durai Columns and mailing list of the India-born, U.S.-based humorist, who writes on lifestyle, politics, sports and other topics. Columns are not just funny, but also thought-provoking.

Gene Doucette - GenePool Gene is a humorist, a playwright, and a skeptic. It's all here. Also, check out his newest section, The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

Joe Ditzel Has Some Problems.  A real, live stand-up comedian with a really well-done site.  

Erik Deckers - Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk humorpage The Laughing Stalk is a weekly humor column published in several print and online newspapers. It's observational and satirical humor that has been favorably compared to Dave Barry, Lewis Grizzard, and Douglas Adams. It has also been unfavorably compared to (insert your own joke here).

Grundage! is updated/maintained frequently and contains parodies/spoofs of letters, lists, stories, multimedia, and more. It even has its own theme song... Serious commentary, humor articles, true stories of zany exploits, and a business dictionary.

Not Just for Webmasters...

Urban Legends Reference Pages. My heroes! Search their database and discover the truth about that e-mail your friend in Ashoka forwarded to you.

I assembled this site with Alpha, a shareware text-editor (the best thirty bucks I ever spent). If you need a flexible text editor for the Mac for HTML, CSS or any programming language, you can't go wrong with Alpha. My favorite Alpha feature? Support for dynamically included files. What a lifesaver! To learn more about Alpha's HTML mode, check out Johan Linde's HTML Manual.

I couldn't have built this site without Joe Burns, proprietor of HTML Goodies. You might even say Joe held my hand through the entire website rewriting process. Well, if you ask him, he'll say he never heard of me (or worse, he'll tell you the restraining order requires I stay at least 100 yards away at all times) but I bought his HTML Goodies and read every page. God bless Joe Burns.

Phillip Greenspun has a lot to say about publishing and commerce on the internet. Some parts of his book, Philip & Alex's Guide to Web Publishing were a bit over my head but I still got enough out of it to improve my site design. (And when my brain froze, I looked at the pretty pictures.) In fact, if you're interested in photography, he runs Photo.Net, too. This boy's momma must be very proud.

In my efforts to improve my site, I stumbled across an indispensable book, Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web, by Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos. Håkon and Bert basically convinced me to use CSS. An excellent reference.

Håkon and Bert also introduced me to the group that sets up the standards for the internet (and then hopes we hapless hordes follow them): the World Wide Web Consortium, AKA W3. If you want to know anything about HTML, CSS, XML, or whatever acronym you're stubbing your tongue on these days, drop in at W3.

A few years ago I bought three used Macs after doing some heavy research at Low End Mac. (Adam Robert Guha's columns were very helpful) and for several years I ran this site from my second-hand (and very inexpensive) beige G3 minitower. (Now I use a G3/900 iBook.) If you love Macs, visit Low End Mac.

God, I Love Living Here

Beacon's Beach.Com is a tribute and information site about one of the favorite surfing beaches here in North County San Diego. Includes a surf cam, lists of local surfers and tide charts, all assembled for you by Surfer Dudette Kenzie (with a little help from Dad and Mom).

The Flower Fields are a famous landmark in North County San Diego. If you're going to be in town in April, make sure you take some time to wander through the Fields of Dreams.

Balboa Park is an incredible landmark here in San Diego County. Even we locals visit there frequently.

San Diego Zoo & The Wild Animal Park is lots of fun. My recommendations: 1) avoid visiting in the summer because it gets hot out there, 2) take the tram if you must, but if you're strong and healthy, do the Kilamanjaro Safari Walk (you will actually see more animals), and 3) bring your own lunch and save your bucks for the gift stores. Parking alone will set you back the price of two Happy Meals at Mickey D's.

Legoland. All right, we went, we had a blast, it's worth at least one visit. Besides, it's probably the biggest thing to hit Carlsbad since the I-5.

Want to know what we we're up to? We read two daily newspapers, the San Diego Union-Tribune, which serves the city of San Diego (we suburbs are but an afterthought); and The North County Times, which is smaller but more locally oriented. My favorite paper, however, is a weekly called The Coast News.

We couldn't have planned our trip to Yosemite without Yosemite Fun Dot Com! There are a lot of resources out there for this popular vacation spot, but NONE of them has the info this site does. No matter what the topic, Phil will answer all!


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