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Personal Technology | Top Sites: “Humor columns by San Diegan Bonnie Wren capture the frequently unintended comedies of day-to-day life.”

San Diego Union-Tribune

Hi Bonnie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. It was just the lift I needed today. Thank you so much for sharing.

Janet Thompson
Satiric Quill

I envy your ability to make your stories come alive, and your ability to make your characters loveable. I breathlessly await the next chapter of the dramatic beanie-baby wars and its courageous heroes.

Dave L.

I came across your link at Idlefish and have been having the most fun reading your stuff today! Lots of laughing at my end of the computer today. Thanks for the pick-me-up!


I enjoyed reading your story. If you wrote a funny story about senior citizens living in a condo, I would appreciate if you led me to it.


You are so right in your observation, we have everything Costco, even the patio furniture comes from the Carlsbad Costco, and the patio furniture cushions from costco.com. I sampled one product, “Aidell’s Sausage” and liked it so much, that now I have a job as a demonstrator doing road shows for Aidells at various Costco warehouse stores. My husband assists me and we observe what you described at every one of the stores. Wonderful Alien-Ation, that makes everyone friendly and non-confrontational and happy to taste test Costco food products. It is wonderful.

Phyllis R.

Hi Bonnie, While doing some research on worm castings and their use on tropical white fly, I came across your site. Good stuff! I’m embarassed to say that I haven’t seen your columns in the Union-Tribune and North County Times, but I promise to look for them from now on. Your life sounds like ours. Your cul du sac sounds like ours. The best writers make us nod and say “ain’t that the truth?” I will be nodding throughout the evening. Thanks for the grins.

Loren Nancarrow
Loren’s Field Notes

Dear Bonnie,

I read your article on LEM (liked it) and followed the link to your Web site. I particularly liked your account of having trouble showering without interruption. I hate when people try to come in when I’m in the shower – even if it’s ‘just for my toothbrush’. It ruins the mood.

Your links page had some really nice sites on it. You mentioned Phillip Greenspun’s site – that is certainly one of the best sites on the Web. I learnt quite a lot from his on-line books and of course photo.net. HTML Goodies is also a good site, but I went there mainly for JavaScript. The guy explains stuff pretty well, doesn’t he? All the best with the Macs!

Regards, Karim G.

Dear Bonnie,

Your stories are terrific. Thanks for the laughter. You are better than Erma Bombeck.


Hi Bonnie –

During another day of total procrastination, I stumbled upon your website. I’ve only had time to read a few pieces so far, but I laughed out loud. I’m working on advertising copy for an elementary school brochure right now, so I read Pushed to a Frizzle. Hilarious.

I printed it out for the PTA lady I’m working with. I also read the wetsuit piece and the Wholesale store piece. I loved that one.

Please add me to your email list. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

Ernie Witham

Great Web-Site Ms Wren…I remember this type of humor all too well…Boogie Board’ns Good but Body-Surf’ns Better. Just strap on a pair of Churchils and go for it…

Old Southern Calif. Surfer. KTD/KENTUCKY

Hi Bonnie, wonderful story about the happiest place on earth! I can’t wait to visit again!


Hi Bonnie, is he really that Grumpy? I love your articles. They always give me a chuckle. Keep it up. Sincerely,

Barbara R.

So did you make friends with Joe’s mom and buy frozen foods? LOL. Great Article. Loved it.