43 Folders Busts the Cringe

A great concept at 43 Folders called “Cringe-Busting your TODO list” involves doing first those TO DOs that make you “cringe.”

(For extra credit, find the item on your list that’s been making you cringe for the longest. Anybody else turning up items that have been inducing cringes for over a month? Ouch. I suck.)

Ha! He is an amateur. Try writing a six month overdue thank-you note to Aunt Agatha when you know how eagerly she awaits telling Mom JUST HOW LONG IT TOOK.

Happy Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright

Born on June 8, 1867. How did I know?

Because Google did a little logo tweak this morning with a tooltip that says “Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Frank Lloyd Wright.

I looked the guy up and confirmed that, yes indeed, June 8 is his birthday. I also learned a little bit about him, too, which I think definitely makes up for not stripping the bed sheets like I was supposed to do this morning.