Thanks a Lot, Mom

Mom always said we’d never know when a bus might hit us and paramedics would have to check out our underwear.

She neglected to mention that most medical emergencies don’t need paramedics, much less require them to examine your underwear. It’s your outerwear getting scrutinized during all those crises unattended by fire trucks. Continue reading “Thanks a Lot, Mom”

We All Have to Go Sometime

It was a parent’s worst nightmare. My son, my sweet baby, held up on display for all to see.

He stood on a block before an unruly crowd. Every move he made broadcast his blatant disregard of his mother’s teachings, his refusal to conform to even the most elementary rules of human conduct.

“My God!” I cried, turning to my husband. “I asked you to make him go BEFORE the swim meet!” Continue reading “We All Have to Go Sometime”