Monday Morning Mojo: Stinky Vs. Pointy

Mini image of the comicStill can’t smell anything thanks to this respiratory thing that’s invaded my head—but hey! I’m not complaining. Not having a sense of smell is a definite plus when you’re living with a bulldog, even if he does get a bath twice a month.

And while you guys are launching today’s comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link, I’ll be working a swim meet. If I’m not getting my feet wet while timing, I’ll be passing out breakfast burritoes in the snack bar. Hoo yeah.

Monday Morning Mojo: Crime and Punishment

Mini image of the comicWow! This cold is kicking my butt!

When I get out of this respiratory distress, as God is my witness, I will:

  1. take my vitamins regularly
  2. go to bed early, and
  3. drink my 8 glasses of water!

I’ll be good! I swear! I’ll start exercising again! I’ll be neat and tidy, too. Clean and organized. I’ll iron every week, without fail! And I’ll put the ironing board away when I’m through, too. None of this leaving it out to sort the mail crapola. Not me!

Never again! I’m turning over a new leaf!

And as for you guys, you can launch today’s comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link, and please don’t mind the mountain of tissues in that corner over there. I’ll clean them up later, I SWEAR.

Monday Morning Mojo: Alien 101

Mini image of the comicGot a cold tonight—so I’m not at my best. Hubby’s a little grouchy with me, too, for taking so long to get to bed.

So this is for my grouchy and unreasonable man:



Of course, I am NEVER grouchy and unreasonable. I am a perfect angel all the time.

You can launch today’s comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link, and don’t mind the grouchy hubby in the corner over there, okay?

Monday Morning Mojo: Revenge of the Ninja

Mini image of the comicYeah, yeah, yeah, so I’ve got ninjas on the brain. If only that kid would listen to me about the damn bucket!

He still won’t give in, even after I carted him to and from a swim meet this weekend, where there was NO INTERNET ACCESS. Talk about traumatic.

He owes me, yes, he does.

But I didn’t mean to go into all that again! Just launch today’s comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link, and I’ll try not to bring the bucket up any more, okay?

Monday Morning Mojo: Cleanliness is next to bulldogliness

Mini image of the comicI don’t think anybody except a bulldog owner understands the stuff you’ve got to do to keep the little guy clean and sweet.

In our case, we’ve got a “Bulldog Kit” in our family room: a basket filled with stuff like cotton swabs and pads, nail clippers, hydrogen peroxide, ear cleaner, wrinkle cleaner, and a certain secret weapon which makes its debut in this comic.

Although any brand of this particular product will do, I very much enjoy the name of this one. Yes, it really does exist, too. It works great on both ends.

You can launch this comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link.

Monday Morning Mojo: Neighborhood Watch

Mini image of the comicOur cul-de-sac just had one of the biggest TP jobs done in the entire history of our housing development—and everybody just slept through it.

The culprit turned out to be a girl who thought she’d ask Didi’s son to the Winter Formal in a creative and unusual way—and all I can say is, if there are any females out there who want to ask a Wren boy out to a dance, DO NOT DO IT BY TOILET-PAPERING OUR HOUSE.

I got a comic out of Didi’s misfortune but I won’t find it so funny IF IT HAPPENS TO ME. Really. (The boy in question will be picking up all the toilet paper, by the way, just so you know.)

You can launch this comic either by clicking on the image to the right or this link.

Monday Morning Mojo: Walkies

No comic today! I thought I’d try another movie. Big mistake!

This is my first project with iMovie 6 (6.0.3), and I find it much buggier than iMovie 5. I wasted more time dealing with odd little quirks than actually editing the movie, so I’m not at all happy with the result.*

Also, I usually don’t let Mojo take the lead like that—I just did it so I could hold the camera. We used to use a harness, but Mojo would pull us all over the place. Then we watched a whole DVD’s worth of “Dog Whisperer” shows and realized we just needed a cheapie little leash held up high, under his ears.

We got rid of the harness and now walks with Mojo are a lot more fun—unless you’re trying to operate the Mojo Cam.

And here’s a warning for those of you prone to motion-sickness: this little video might make you a little nauseous.

*For any iMovie people who are curious, here are some of the problems I had: Continue reading “Monday Morning Mojo: Walkies”

A Message from Mojo: No Super Sabado this week

Pensive boy

Did you know “Procrastinatress” is Bonnie’s middle name?

Bonnie Procrastinatress Wren.

That would be her.

She is running around like the noodle she is, trying to get everything done, including last minute presents and last minute Christmas cards—and who are we kidding? Let’s just call them “Last Minute New Year’s Cards,” okay?

Oh, and don’t forget the quickie, last minute housecleaning for some company we’re having this afternoon. That means no Super Sabado this week.

In the meantime, you can visit all her friends in her sidebar, who are much better organized than she is and who probably give their dogs LOTS more liver treats than get passed out around here.

Come to think of it, if anybody wants to pass out some liver treats just let me know. I’ll drag my bed over to your house and move in.

God bless us, every one

Mojo in front of fireplace, Hubby's crutches leaning against mantel

I couldn’t help it: I saw Hubby’s crutches leaning against the mantel and thought of Tiny Tim.

Mojo is acting all sincere and everything, but honestly, he is SUCH a faker. This isn’t his “God bless us, every one” look—it is his “What are you going to do with that liver treat?” look.

If I waited another minute to take the picture there would’ve been about a quart of drool on the floor. I bet Dickens never created a character who could do THAT.