Cue the Violins

Normally the DHL guy won’t leave anything without me signing for it, yet today he dropped off a big box without so much as a knock on the door.

There it was on the porch: the cardboard shell containing my baby—one day sooner than I expected it—back from its stay at the Apple Institute for Fried Logic Boards.

With trembling fingers I ripped open the box, kissed my iBook all over, told it how much I missed it and kissed it some more. It’s a little grubby but it’s nothing a little Klear Screen can’t handle. When I pressed the power button, it started right up. I downloaded all my e-mail and when I heard the familiar glass “ting” a tear came to my eye.

Everything’s all better now.

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Lemon Apple

My Mac Plus lasted almost a dozen years. I got my garage sale beige minitower G3/233 five years ago and it’s still going strong. But my brand-new G3 iBook/900 has fried three logic boards in fourteen months.

Woz forgive me, but Apple tastes a little sour lately. Continue reading “Lemon Apple”