What’s wrong with this picture?

Omigosh, what an ego boost.

Do you know who I look like? I mean, do you know what celebrity some fancy-shmancy face-recognition software says I look like?

Picture of Bonnie and her celebrity twin
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bonnie. Separated at birth? You decide.

I find this a little hard to believe: a 64% recognition match. Buffy = Bonnie. Fun, but I mean… well.

Hey! There’s a button you can click for even more matches! Here’s my 52% match:

Picture of Juliette Binoche
Hey, isn’t she that Chocolat babe, the one Johnny Dep had a thing for? Cool!

And yowza… I can even discover my male celebrity doppleganger:

Picture of Van Morrison
Now that’s just weird.

8 Replies to “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. hmm – I got Christina Ricci 64%; Julianne Moore 61% and Elisha Cuthberth 54% – now I don’t know about those – but I’ll take it – HA!

  2. Yeah, Dennie, that’s what I say! I’ll take it!

    Hubby uploaded a picture of Tom Hanks and the software matched him to… Tom Hanks!

  3. LMAO @ Tom Hanks….too funny! So Bonnie, do we call you Sarah or Van ??? LOL!
    I got Jennifer Esposito 75% Kirstie Alley 61%…..and wait for it……….Oprah 42% LMAOOOO!
    Now the other 2 i could kinda believe, but Oprah…i mean i have a tan….but? LOL

  4. Got me with a time sink, didn’t you Bonnie?

    Popped Girl into it and viola! She has a 69% match to Ayumi Hamasaki. Or 61% match to Sandra Bullock. Interesting.

    Boy got a match of 50% with Jack Nicholson. Interesting, very intersting.

    And an old picture of me matched me to Lauren Bacall at 53%. Better choice than Richard Dreyfuss?

    Thanks….over an hour playing with this.

  5. Oprah! How nice of you to drop by. I didn’t recognize you… you’re awfully pale. And call me Buffy—everbody else does in my elite team of demon-slayers.

    Wow, Kait, hubba hubba! Lauren Bacall!

  6. LOL ROFLOL…I match Meg Ryan and Whoopie Goldburg.

    My mom would have a stroke at the Meg Ryan one!LOL

    Male wise (I think that’s a conterdiction of terms) I match Rick James….ROFLOL!

  7. That is wierd! I was going to try this earlier but never got to it. Maybe I’ll try it sometime and see who I get.

  8. Well, hey…I’m Hilary Duff 74%, Jennifer aniston 70%, Keanu Reeves 72%, Drew Barrymore 69%, Anna Kournikova 65%, and I’m also your twin…or triplet? with Sarah Michelle Gellar at 65%…and last but not least Princess Di at 41%. I’m so famous! Ha!

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