Virtual trick-or-treating

Picture of trick-or-treater meeting scary jack-o-lantern

Ooh, this is so much fun! And so timely, too. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for providing a holiday-themed game more than a WEEK before the holiday, rather than the DAY before.

There are sound effects and music that start automatically, so I put the actual game after the “Read the rest…” link.

Those of you at work or trying to hide what you’re doing from the spouse or kids (naughty!) turn the sound down BEFORE you click it. You’ve been warned!

Right and left arrows move you along so you can collect candy you find along the street. Up arrow makes you jump (handy for reaching high candy or stomping on creepy crawlies.) Don’t plow into the bad guys, though, or you lose a turn!


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  1. is there some kind of prize for being the first to comment? I’m now trying to say something pithy, (say that ten times) but the music is distracting. I know you warned us.

    Is Mojo gonna jump out of the pumpkin?

  2. Oh, fun! I got to come home from work early (only because I went in earlier than usual) so I can get away with this and not have to explain myself to the Minions. Cool.

  3. this is deja vu all over again …just like the old days. I manage to score a few pieces of candy, even though I can’t see out of the eye holes in my costume when some *big kid* (dressed as a pumpkin) comes along, runs me off, and steals my candy.

    it’s just sad.

  4. Hey, guys! Sorry I’ve been so quiet, but I’m working on a fundraiser for the swim team, among other projects.

    Heh, Jamie! That flattened candy is looking mighty tasty right now.

    Ms. Karen, I like this game because it’s so simple even I can do it. Squirt thinks it’s a dorky game for the same reason.

    Aw, Dana, I didn’t mean to upset you. Say, have you ever read Anansi Boys? It kind of warms you up to spiders.

    Heh, Dink! Me, too.

    Squirrel, I haven’t finished it, either, but I like it! I was pruning the bougainvilleas today and kept humming that tune.

    ROFL, Steve!

  5. LOL…too funny…I thought you were going to get me, like I got you!!!

    Hey, cool…I’ve got Internet Explorer 7 and in the tab bar and in the address bar, you cute little picture is in front of your link!

  6. Ack! I was lost in pumpkin world. A fun time sink that set Queen B barking for the backdoor to protect me from invaders. πŸ˜‰

    I might of scored better than zip if the kitten had stayed off the keyboard.

    Thanks, Bonnie. πŸ˜€

  7. Did I hear correctly? Fundraiser for the swim team?Well chica, I commend you for your devotion to your family and look forward to a future column regarding this experience. Perhaps Mojo will make an appearance with shredded bits of something next to him that he most definitely shouldn’t have eaten — like the invitations. (Cue for Bonnie to grab the box ‘o invitations and put them up high where Mojo can’t get them.)

    Ciao bella…enjoy the fundraiser and the planning — I know how you relish participation in such activities.

  8. Yeah, Bonnie, you can do that with an .ico file. It took me forever to figure it out, and for some reason the old Explorer 6 browser totally ignored it!

    Kristen, kittens just have no appreciation for trick-or-treating!

    Steve, I like your pumpkin. It’s right up there with the kind of jack-o-lantern I carve: fast and furious!

    Okay, Dana, I’ll try to warn you if ever I bring up Mrs. Argiope’s children again!

    Teri, this time they only got me for 5 dozen bagels. Heh! The rest of the work I’m doing is on the website. Hooray!

    Hey, Ms. Karen, I think raising money for the swarm team would be more fun! Or even the S.W.A.T. team.

    Portnoy, where’s your screenshot??? Heh! I think you’ll be lonely for a long, long time!

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