Turkey to Go! Thanksgiving Flash Game

'Turkey to Go!' game

This game is for you hardy souls who have an itch to procrastinate today—even though you KNOW your visiting relatives are going to go home with tales about how your rabid dust bunnies almost made off with Aunt Agatha’s dear little Fifi.

fork attack on turkey!It’s a pretty easy game: you collect feathers and gobble corn whilst avoiding the fork. But the fork seems to come out of nowhere, so be careful.

Don’t let what happened to my turkey happen to yours!

And as a holiday extra, I can’t resist this Youtube clip of Adam Sandler’s “Turkey Song” as sung on SNL way back when.

10 Replies to “Turkey to Go! Thanksgiving Flash Game”

  1. Avoided the turkey game but you stirred up the rabid dust bunnies, Bonnie. 😉

    I must go battle the bunnies and take back the kitchen. It appears they are no rapelling off the cupboards. 😀

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

  2. No eye/hand coordination. Evil! I hate computer games.

    I am now convinced that my poetry skills (or lack thereof) could make me seriously famous and/or rich if I can find the right tv show.

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