This is SO unfair

SQUIRT: Face it, Mom: rap is the new rock.

BONNIE: But it’s not like rock at all! It glorifies violence, sexism, homophobia, and racism! In the sixties and seventies rock wasn’t any of those things. Rock was openminded. Rock was good.

SQUIRT: Yeah, Mom. You sound like Grandpa in 1964, trying to explain to Aunt Kat how come the Beatles weren’t playing “real” music.

BONNIE: I’m not saying rap isn’t music. I’m just saying I hope it isn’t “the new rock” because the message is so nasty.

SQUIRT: Yup. Just like Grandpa. I bet he didn’t like Elvis, either.

8 Replies to “This is SO unfair”

  1. Rap… Hip Hop, yes.

    Even classical. I just don’t get rap with all the violence and nastiness.

  2. Yowza… there’s country rap? No way! How funny! I’ve got to look up those songs at iTunes just to hear what it sounds like.

    I especially don’t understand the violence towards women and gays in rap. It’s like they’re considered subhuman in the rap world.

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