This is Cathe

This is Cathe. Cathe is beautiful. I want to be just like Cathe.
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Picture of Cathe Friedrich, stretching

And this is my workout partner. He thinks he’s fine just the way he is. I think he could improve his aerobic capacity a little bit. And maybe shower more frequently.
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Mojo, the bulldog blob

This is an exercise called “stiff-legged deadlifts.”
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Cathe says they’re supposed to strengthen our hams, which you might think are dinner entrees but really, that just goes to show you how much you obsess about food.

This is what I see when I do stiff-legged deadlifts.
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The bulldog blog and the stiff-legged deadlift

When the barbell moves up and down it brushes Mojo on the nose, which doesn’t bother him at all, but now the barbell is coated with the awful stuff that comes out of bulldog noses.

This is a “leg press with band.” Cathe can do these all day. She is amazing.
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starting the leg pressfinishing the leg press

This a certain stinky little bulldog who doesn’t take hints like, “shoo!” or “go away!” when I’m trying to do leg presses. Instead, he just keeps pestering me for more info on those hams. He also claims I cheat on leg presses.
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Mojo and the leg press

That gray round thing up there is my stability ball. It follows me around all by itself. Sometimes it gets bored and wanders off to roll into Mojo. I’ve taken to calling it Fred.

Mojo doesn’t like Fred. All he knows is that there he’ll be, offering Bonnie some helpful fitness tips when… [insert theme music from Jaws here]
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Mojo minding his own business whilst stability ball sneaks up on him

… all of a sudden—Wah!
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Fred sneaks up on Mojo

6 Replies to “This is Cathe”

  1. I agree! I’d love to look like Cathe, but good heavens that looks like WORK! Mojo looks like he’s having fun, and has aligned himself with the perfect life philosophy: achievable goals – Touch ball with nose. Watch slobber on barbells. The simple pleasures in life, you know?

  2. Hi, guys!

    Bonnie: Hubby won’t let me near a treadmill anymore because I always hurt myself.

    Bernita: you wouldn’t love him so much if your barbell was covered in dog snot, would you???

    Welcome, Erik! I WISH he would just observe. He believes in more of a “in your muzzle” approach.

    Mimi: hams = hamstrings. And mine are complaining right now.

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