Teenager Thought for the Day: watch out for those noodles

TIGER: You want to die in your sleep? That’s stupid. I want to go with a bang. I mean seriously, when you’re in heaven and someone’s like, how did you die, and you’re like, I died in my sleep—that’s so lame.

I plan not to die, or to die in an accident involving noodles. I mean, how cool would that be?

Noodles, man. That’s the way to go.

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  1. hmmm…. I suppose it’s good he’s put some thought in it – maybe – keep him away from isle nine at the grocers!

  2. Well I was originally just hopping around blogs, but now I have to comment just because you mentioned noodles.

    How could I not with a nickname like NoodleBandit?

  3. Okayyyy….I guess that makes sense in some cosmic weird carbohydrate addict sorta’ way!…Me…I’m a carnavore lo-carber…give me meat or give me death! LOL!

  4. gosh…outta the mouth of babes….but i gotta know does he mean wet noodles or dry? 🙂

  5. Well, if he’s gonna use noodles, don’t use the 2 minute instant variety….that’s lame! He needs to use some home made, authentic italian noodles :o)

  6. Noodles? Hmmmmmm. I wonder…fresh, dried, thoroughly cooked or al dente? I guess I’m just “splitting” noodles!

    Wonderful insight from one so young. I see all of your hard work and perseverance is paying off.

    Ciao bella…have a great day.

  7. Whoa! I take off for the day and THAT’S when everybody comes to visit.

    Instead of being mistaken for your mother, Sponge Girl (heh!) how about I get mistaken for your sidekick, “Brush Woman”? Or even “4-Pack Sponge Refill Woman”?

    OK… the story with the noodles (for Dennie, Bonnie, Laurie, Kait, Michelle and Teri) is this: mass quantities of cooked noodles will attack, most of them killed off by the ever alert Tiger, who won’t be alert enough to notice the sneak attack of noodles that off him in a big way.

    Or something of that nature. There were lots of explosions and car chases and other exciting details but I got confused and can’t repeat them all here.

    Welcome, NoodleBandit! I had to look up Kingdom of Loathing because I’d never heard of it before. I think Squirt will love the Ninja Snowmen.

    Hi, Doug! It’s always nice when you drop in.

  8. Bpbpbpbpbpbpewww!!!! (that’s me spurting my salad all over my keyboard!!)

    Only a teenage boy would want to die in an accident involving a high-carbohydrate food that comes in massive quantities!

    OMG, hilarious!!!

  9. Egads! Another noodle-noggin exploded! Noodles flying everywhere! What with the alfredo and Prego sauce, the entire scene looked like a WWII land mine incident. Beware! The power of the noodle!

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