Teenager Thought for the Day: Maybe they liked the book better

I just don’t get how come the critics dissed The Island.

I mean, it’s got a crapload of explosions—and Scarlett Johansson, too! What more were they looking for?

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  1. I just watched that the other day, I should be old enough to know better because I suspect it wasn’t a very good movie. But my brain just kept going:

    “Where’s Scarlett? Ah there she is – nice … Where’s Scarlett?? Oh there she is – good … Too much Euan! Where’s Scarlett??!! Ah there she is …”

    Repeat for duration of movie.

    Shameful really 🙂

  2. there was a movie call The Island – if it’s not a Disney animated flick – (or Pride & Prejudice) sorry not familiar!

  3. Hi, Gary! Thanks for dropping by.

    Bonnie, Kait and Dennie, if you like Ewan McGregor, you should check it out. It’s got Steve Buscemi, too.

    I am a science fiction freak, so I liked it. But I like even the “bad” science fiction movies, like “Paycheck”.

    And I will confess that any movie with, say, Hugh Jackman (heh, Michelle! HUGH!) automatically becomes a “good” movie for me, so I guess I’m not too different from Squirt, except I don’t really need explosions.


  4. The Island is the perfect Guy/Chick flick.
    Romantic w/ explosions, a fun and interesting plot and premise.

    I loved this film.

  5. And Ewan MacGregor and Sean Bean in the same film have nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I actually bought thing movie and watch it incessently.

    Ewan is also very, very, very, very good in a movie called the Pillow Book.

    **evil grin**
    I think he acts in it and everything.

  6. Yowza, E. Ann, I just looked it up. In the pictures I found, Ewan is awfully young and beautiful. And there’s… um… LOTS of beautiful Ewan in it for all to see.

    There may be a plot to that movie, but I’m sure I’d have to watch it several times to determine what it is.

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