Superman Returns with Sexy Lexy

Be still, my heart, as I watch the trailer yet one more time. Don’t know much about the actor playing Superman/Clark Kent, but Kevin Spacey steals everybody’s thunder as our favorite BSG, Lex Luthor.

Scene from Superman Returns, with Kevin Spacey as Bald Sexy Guy

The Superman/Lois romance looks like a snore. I’m kind of hoping she runs off with Lex in this one.


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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie. Even if the story is a little strange. Superman has been gone five years. In that time Lois had a kid with another guy. Strange.

  2. What annoys me with the trailers (in Australia atleast) is the overt ‘Christian’ story they are portraying. “I am sending my only son to save humankind…”.

    Poo! What drivel!

    I hope Lex gets the girl, kryptonite does it’s job and the box office is deep in the red.

  3. Hi, Jamie—thank you for dropping in. Lois sounds awfully whiny in the trailer, as if she sat around pining for him, which she obviously didn’t. So why is she whiny?

    April, we live in a cultural void here in Casa de Wren. No cable + only one fuzzy channel = DVD watching only. I haven’t rented the Smallville DVDs, yet, either, so I’m in the dark on that topic.

    Lee: No Milton or Dante for you! At any rate, Lois doesn’t look like she’s buying the “only son” bit, Did you hear her? “I don’t need a savior, and neither does the world.” Zzzzzz…

  4. Not sure I want to see it. Dawg is dancing around it with a look that makes me think he’d rather go watch Cassanova once again.

    Lex is rather nice looking. I adore an evil dude.

    Happy almost Friday!

  5. Hey, just a thought. Lex is supposed to be some intergalactic bad guy…why is he wearing a tie??

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