St. Mojo of the Holy Digestive Disorders

Mojo feels a rumbley in his tumbley

There’s been a lot of stress in the Wren Casa lately, which is unfortunate considering Mojo is the poster pup for Canine Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Any stress can give him a case of “the loosies.” It can be good stress (a doggy play date) or bad stress (a trip to the vet) but heaven forbid it’s a really big stress, because we’re going to need a whole case of baby wipes to clean up afterwards.

In fact, I’ve been wondering if Mojo’s trigger-happy intestinal tract might actually be an integral part of the Bulldog Defense System:

HOME INVADER: Bwa ha! I’ve broken in and will now pillage this house!

MOJO: Momma!

HOME INVADER: Eeww… what’s that smell? What did I just step in? GROSS! Aw… forget it! I’ll go pillage the neighbor’s house, instead!

Yup, once those pipes start evacuating, not much will stop the flow.

One can of pumpkin And lately even the old standby of boiled rice seemed to have lost its effectiveness on Mojo, which is why canned pumpkin has become one of our most valuable kitchen staples.

Somehow, this stuff has the same effect on an erupting bulldog digestive system that a brick wall has on a speeding marshmallow: it stops it cold, no fuss, no muss.

You heard me: instant intestinal stoppage—and in a bulldog household, that kind of guarantee is worth its weight in gold, or at the very least, in liver treats, considering how Mojo loves the stuff.

Mojo, with pumpkin on his nose

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  1. I would never have guessed about the pumpkin.

    We bought two pumpkins yesterday, and I wasn’t looking forward to gutting them. I’m not sure if this makes me feel better or worse. πŸ™‚

    It’s still bound to be more fun than sitting through a forty plus-piece piano recital. *shiver*

    Now if you could take the pumpkin guts to the piano recital — you might really have something.

  2. That’s interesting. Just be careful around Thanksgiving–no pumpkin pie will be safe. Or better yet make one just for Mojo.

  3. Have you tried sweet potatoes? I swear by sweet potatoes. I wonder if there’s any correlatation to the fact they’re both orange, both veggies, and both served around Thanksgiving. Hmmm.

  4. Will do, Welshcakes!

    Bernita, it’s got to be a can of 100% pure pumpkin—none of that pumpkin pie filling stuff.

    I know, LaurelWreath. It’s such a strange idea, but it works! Woot!

    Heh, Robin! I hate gutting pumpkins, too. It’s such a slimy job.

    Erika, I heard about it at Lord Goliath’s Bulldog Domain. If you’re owned by a bulldog, you need to bookmark Lord Goliath’s site.

    Jaye, that’s a great idea! A little bulldog pumpkin pie. No sugar or spices, and maybe make the crust out of crushed dog biscuits.

    Karen, I’ve heard that works as well as pumpkin in canine diarrhea. Maybe it’s the beta carotene? What else is there in common in pumpkin and sweet potatoes? Besides Thanksgiving?

    Leslie, Leslie, Leslie. Trust me on this one. It’s bad. God bless the person who invented washable slipcovers, that’s all I can say.

    Steve… really? I thought nuts were more of a… source of roughage?

  5. Pumpkin? That’s something I never would have thought of….but glad it works!

  6. oh bonnie you know i feel your pain. deeply. we’ve got the same can of Libby’s but both my bullies are, um, too loose. auggie is dealable but freida…dear god, she’s up there with north korea in terms of her threat level. no pumpkin on this planet will stop her poo…. agghhhh!!!

  7. Hi, Sandy… I also am very glad it works—I was getting kind of desperate. Do you know they changed the formula for Kaopectate? Kaopectate is now basically the same stuff as Pepto Bismol… and totally useless on bulldogs.

    Susan, I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at your situation… I’m laughing WITH you… honest, I swear… I’m hoping she grows out of it, poor little thing. (Poor you!)

  8. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for the glimpse of mojo’s chest freckles and pumpkin on the nose –he’s too cute!

    Ha! I was relieved to learn that the can of pumpkin photo was there to illustrate a fix for mojo’s tummy probs. At first I thought it was going to be used as comparison to …well, I think you get my drift. :-O

  9. I think I may be related to your dog, we seem to have the same digestive reaction to stress.

    However, I do not walk on all fours (most of the time) and I prefer my pumpkin with spices and a nice crust.

    P.S., I love your dog, he’s so…so… smoogie-able.

  10. Hi Bonnie, I didn’t know they changed the Kao…wonder if they changed the children’s brand of it as well…hm….

    When my Bassets get a little “loose”, I slip them a piece of cheese…lol…

  11. Awwww, poor Mojo! Hope he gets to feeling better soon! My Honeybear also went through this a couple months ago. We stopped letting him eat at my mom and dad’s, that did the trick. But yeah, the ever incessant doggy butt wiping, and washing out the back patio – that gets to be a drag.

  12. Canned pumpkin, that’s a tip you’re not going to hear on Martha Stewart. Kind of the opposite of what would happen to a human, huh?

  13. Look at that happy face! And Mojo’s, too! He is so cute. I had a Great Dane for 13 years, and can’t say I ever faced this problem. Thank heavens. But it’s so strange, I’m sure to remember it for other people. Is this a genetic thing with bull dogs?

  14. I would never have thought of pumpkin.

    I would have inserted a cork using a baseball


  15. Aww. Poor adorable Mojo. I can totally relate. Whoulda thunk about the solution though. Wish that worked for my colitis! I’ve been hearing your name dropped in blog world lately and had to drop in for a visit. I like what I see. I WILL be back. πŸ™‚

  16. look at that little face!!
    i bet doggie loose bowels
    is as bad as baby loose bowels.
    hope he feels better soon!

    any updates on your
    fertile spider friend?? 8)

  17. Well now, I’m certainly happy that Mojo is “working properly.” I do wonder if I will ever look at pumpkin pie the same again. πŸ˜‰

    Ciao Bonnie…your world is wonderful, even during stressful times. Have a great week.

  18. Glad to hear Mojo is better with pumpkins!! We have two female boxers that we feed raw chicken cut up,mixed with raw vegetables that are put through a blender before mixing with the chicken.It’s not a cheap diet,but we;ve had the girls now for 9 & 4 years respectively,and they’ve never been healthier!! No exploding bowels or anything of the sort!! Maxee $ Macee are the picture of good health!!

  19. You can get pumpkin in a can??? Holy crap, you guys can get anything there!! Awwww Mojo, i just love him to bits :o)

  20. Hi, Dink! He’s got so many spots on his chest… like a Dalmatian.

    Ms. Karen, you come up with the best adjectives (like “smoogie-able”). I guess I get that way from stress, too, but not good stress. He really does have a trigger-happy colon.

    Hi, April! I’d say my gag reflex has been toughened up by years of living with stinky boys.

    Sandy, the old Kaopectate had a clay in it, called attapulgite. Now it’s just bismuth sallicylate. It doesn’t work as well. Your bassets are tough! Cheese + Mojo = Stinky!

    Bonnie C. Yes… be sure to have some canned pumpkin on hand in case that cookie-baking dog in your family gets the loosies.

    TL, you are such a toughie! The pumpkin is lots easier to get down. πŸ˜‰

    Hello, Kay… I thank you for dropping by. You must tell me who is dropping my name about. Now I am curious! (My mom says an infusion of dill seeds works great for colitis.)

    Cyn, I think newborn baby BMs aren’t so bad. It’s when they get older and start eating solids that they get stinky. I think Mrs. Argiope has passed away. πŸ™ Her web has been empty since the day after she produced the last egg sack.

    Teri, I think your world of clever chicas is much more interesting than mine. Let’s cross our fingers that we’re done with the liquid stage. Bleah!

    Hi, Chris! Thank you for commenting here. Mojo is on a raw diet, too, although we limit him to chicken because any dietary changes set him off. Boiled rice and cooked pumpkin were the first non-raw foods he’s had since he was a pup. I think the raw food diet has kept Mojo allergy-free.

    Michelle, no way. They don’t sell canned pumpkin down under? That’s amazing… I thought pumpkin was grown pretty much everywhere. By the way, I saw some Vegemite at the grocery store today and thought of you!

  21. bonnie…i’m turning into a stalker. i keep coming back here to look at this post. the top picture is just killin’ me with cuteness. you are already aware of my bulldog addiction…. but this pic of mojo throws me right over the edge. i LOVE him!

  22. Hey, Dennie!

    Susan, whenever Hubby or the boys hold Mojo this way, he gets that look, like he’s thinking, “Lord, give me strength.”

    I’m so glad you like it.

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