Spiderman City Raid

The Good News/Bad News in my world:

  • Bad News: my afternoon internet connection at the pool bleachers disappeared. Got to find a replacement connection for that 4.5-hour wait.
  • Good News: the morning swim practice (1-hour wait) has an internet connection! Hoo yeah.
  • Bad News: spammers figured out how to get past the three biggest WordPress spam plugins, so I spend a bunch of time deleting spammy comments and blacklisting their spammy IPs.
  • Good News: the excuse, “I’ve been denying IPs all day” sounds very authoritative when explaining why there are no clean socks in the house. (That and, “How come you can deactivate Delta Halo but you can’t figure out the washing machine?”)

Screenshot of beginning of game

Moving on!

Screenshot of loosey-goosey Spiderman
This is one of those flash games featuring boneless characters that flip and swoop through the atmosphere while you make them do stuff. In this case, Peter Parker looks as if had one too many Mojitos before he donned the spidey suit.

It seems to me as if the game strategy for playing is to have one too many Mojitos yourself, BEFORE pressing “Start.”

(If Mojitos are unavailable or you have to operate heavy machinery, go with chocolate, instead.)

Link for feed readers: Spiderman City Raid Game.

15 Replies to “Spiderman City Raid”

  1. I do NOT do eye-hand coordination games. Nope. Don’t happen. No way. Uh-uh!

    However, I am dying to know how a person can swim for four+ hours and work on a computer at the same time. I mean, I’ve heard of multi-tasking, but that’s pretty extreme!

  2. If I had the Spider man’s ability, there would be no crime, there would be world peace, there would be no hunger. I’d probably choke myself to death on a misstrung web. There would be no me.

  3. I, uhhhh, uh-oh, I… dang it, I… oh, for Pete’s sake… rats…missed again…

    I hate those games. Once I kind of figured out what I was supposed to do, I still couldn’t quite do it.

    As for HALO and the washing machine, I can relate that that situation.

    “Why are you raiding dad’s sock drawer.”
    “Ummm, because I don’t have any clean socks.”
    “Yeah? Well, now neither does Dad. You’d better run before he catches you with his last clean pair.”

  4. Groovy, you silly! I don’t swim for 4.5 hours… I wait for my kids to finish swimming for 4.5 hours! They tag-team me: first Tiger, and then Squirt, and the pool is too far away to make it worth my while to go home. So I’m always looking for an internet connection.

    Me, too, Steve. I already trip over my own feet as it is. Imagine adding spider silk to the mix!

    Ms. Karen, I have a secret sock stash, too, for those times when the boys steal all of Dad’s socks, but recently they discovered even that little hidey hole.

  5. I think it’s actually more fun to see him flop around and crash than actual succesfully sling that web. Great game.

  6. Hi, hope you are doing well.Liked reading through, till you find a new hide away for things He!He!He!.
    Wish you well my friend

  7. This isn’t about the game –but I just HAD to show you this Bonnie …
    I received a catalog in the mail and couldn’t believe it when I saw this.

    It’s mojo!

    go here AllPosters.com

    and type “Bad Dog” into the search window.

  8. Hey evrybody, could some one here please tell me the soundtracks name or where i could get it what is playing in background on Spiderman.city raid?

    Thank you all!!

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