Site changes are afoot

Inspired by Bonnie Calhoun, April Redmon, and all the other brave souls out there remodeling their sites, I’m experimenting with my theme, my widgets, and my plugins.

Typically, the way these things work is that I make a change, the site goes kablooey, and then Hubby reminds me we’re due somewhere and I have to leave it as it is until I can race home and fix it.

So if you see something you like or hate, let me know in the comments section, but understand that it might only be temporary, anyway.


According to my webhost, “there was a bug in the latests set of CPanel patches” (heh!) that prevented me from installing a sandbox where I could test things in private, but they fixed it this morning. So you probably won’t see many changes until I’ve perfected the new theme. If you’re curious, though, you can see what I’m doing here.

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10 Replies to “Site changes are afoot”

  1. Your going to laugh, my first thought was looking to the left side bar and my brain said “they had blogging in 1999???”. I was ummm…younger then (Laurel gets wacked by Bonnie….)..Seriously I did not HEAR about bloggig until maybe two years ago.

    As far as the site goes, I really like. I do think it need a bit more color somewhere (not saying the blue and plain theme is not nice) but you are anything BUT plain…so it does not go with your “style”. But I love the layout. Everything is easy to get to and laid out nicely.

  2. Hi, LaurelWreath! I’ve had a website since 1999, but I didn’t start using blogging software until January 2005.

    When I set it up, it looked awfully empty, so I put my old columns in as posts. That’s why it looks as if I’ve been blogging since 1999, when I really started actively “blogging” (rather than using a static website) since April 2005.

    If you want to see what my old website looked like, it’s here. It’s been on the web since 1999.

  3. Egads….I must have went blind looking at wallpaper, textures, and backlinks…cause I don’t see anything changed??? Did you change it back?

  4. Why, Steve, what a sweetie you are. It did go kablooey this weekend, several times!

    Bonnie C. I changed it back, but it did look very, very different off and on throughout Sunday. You should’ve seen it! I think I’ll be going for a three-column theme (like you have, and like I used to have).

  5. But I LOVE your site the way it is. I think you have one of the nicest looking blogs on the web. Aw, man. Too bad you can’t hand it down. I’d ask you to give it to me.

    btw, I got my first glimpse of MISTER spider this morning. He was much smaller and almost translucent. He looked a lot like a Grandaddy Longlegs, but with shorter, beefier legs.

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