Should auld acquaintance write in yearbooks?

I did not allow myself to procrastinate today. I can’t! I’ve got this gosh-awful snack bar breathing down my neck. It’s like having an appointment with the guillotine, but much more scary and painful.

Well, I do admit to spending some time looking through Squirt’s yearbook. It was the first time I’ve had a chance since they came out last week.

In fact, I’ve got Squirt’s in front of me right now. Let’s peek inside:

Squirt: DIE. Love, Betty


See you Mister Zombie Boy… Leah

Squirt, I want you to know the 5 minutes I’ve known you were the best of my life. Greg

Great thinkers, all.

This inspired me to check out my old yearbook, to see what bon mots I’ve forgotten.

Bonnie… Get a tan! Love, Alison

God bless the guy who invented self-tanner, that’s all I can say.

Maybe Hubby’s yearbook will be more interesting:

Wren: It was fun in Electronics this year. Don’t ever cut my belt loop again. Terry.

Ho hum, more of the same. No! Wait a minute… What’s this?

Wren: I sure wish I had as many girlfriends as you have had. You’re a big “Latin Lover”. They flock around you. Later, gater! –Joe

I had to learn more about this interesting tidbit from Hubby’s past! A past which has so far eluded me I might add, despite my best investigative efforts.

BONNIE: Hubby, sweetie, read this.

(Hubby reads, then chuckles)

BONNIE: So, exactly how many girlfriends did you have in high school? It must’ve been a lot! C’mon, you can tell me!

HUBBY: (shrugs) I dunno. I forget.

The booger.

7 Replies to “Should auld acquaintance write in yearbooks?”

  1. Very funny and true to life – my life! I chose not to go to my husband’s reunion a few years back. Hmmmmm? Wonder if I made the right choice. 😉

    Ciao chica…

  2. Glad to see they’re still writing strange things in yearbooks.

    Wonder where Girl hid hers? Hmmm….oh Girl, let me take a peek in your book? 😉

    Good luck with the snack bar, Bonnie.

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