Sheep Dash—ewe’ll love it

Today’s procrastination joy is brought to you by my sis, who found it for me. Thanks, Sissy!

And what fun it is, too! You’ve got to hit five sheep with your tranquilizer dart, but if you shoot too soon you have to wait 3 seconds before you can shoot again.

The sheep make all sorts of fake starts, so be careful or you’ll end up like me:

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  1. “Nice and simple” describes me perfectly, Gary. That’s why I like it.

    But dang! Laurel Wreath, how are you and Gary beating me already? I’m only up to Armadillo speed. My hand-eye coordination sucks.

  2. Must have been Obi-Wan in my ear whispering “Use the force..”

    Well either that or the caffeine has given me shaky hands making me more likely to hit the trackpad button in a millisecond 🙂

  3. ~shudders~
    Hand-eye co-ordination in the morning is adequate when I don’t try to pour coffee in my eyes…

  4. It’s kind of sad how smug I felt everytime I managed to hit one of those sheep. Then, my son came up and said, “Moma, what’s wrong with those lambs?” Instead of explaining to a four-year-old how Mom is shooting tranqs at the cute little lambs, I just let him try it. The damned kid beat me. So much for smugness.

  5. Sluggish snail is in search of coffee.

    Bonnie, I could spend all day at this, shooting the widdle lambykins and cackling.

    Evil, evil time sink. Honey will sneak up behind me and throw the dreaded phrase at me. 😉

    Cool find. 😀

  6. The good news is I’m up to Bobcat status!

    The bad news is I didn’t realize my recharging cord wasn’t working on my iBook, and I’ve only got about 20% power before the iBook shuts down!

    I’ve got a replacement charger coming by mail—hopefully it’ll get here this afternoon—I’m on rationed computer time until then, so if you haven’t seen me around your blogs, that’s why.

    tl, your gravatar is so apropos!

  7. Boy, lots of procrastinators today – I had to scroll a lot before I could add my comment. I did provide the game but it was found by my friend at work, thanks Friend at Work who shall be nameless! Hope your dog is better!

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