Random Flickr Blogging with Squirt

BONNIE: Okay, Squirt! Time for a Random Flickr Blogging! Are you ready?

SQUIRT: Sure, Mom, if it makes you happy.

Picture of gal enthusiastically striking a cowbell.
Ciscovaras’ photostream

BONNNIE: “I got a fever. And the only prescription…is more cowbell!”


BONNIE: You know, that Saturday Night Live sketch where they play rock music with cowbells and—


BONNIE: —Ho kay… moving on!

Picture of guy asleep on couch, covered with dachshunds.
CourtKnee’s photostream

SQUIRT: “After a night of drunken adventuring, you never know who you’ll wake up with.”

BONNIE: Important words we should all remember.


Picture of gal twirling flaming batons--the fire image makes two circles.
sam.kronick’s photostream

BONNIE: “And the highlight of the evening’s entertainment was the Fiery Pretzel Dance.”

SQUIRT: That’s not funny. This is funny: “Flaming Squirrel on a string! Aieee!” Heh! Or even better: “Kerosene and squirrels: a tragic mix!”

BONNIE: Heh! You’re going to bring PETA down all over me. Or at the very least, Secret Squirrel is gonna come over here and whup your bottom.

Picture of boy doing daredevil stunt in BMX competition.
jasonho2x’s photostream

SQUIRT: “Son, I don’t think that’s how you ride your bicycle.”

BONNIE: That’s exactly how you rode your bike when you were a kid.


BONNIE: It’s true. You were always trying to kill yourself.

Picture of little kid peering through a colander.
Scrumbledelicious’ photostream photostream

BONNIE: “We’re filling up the bathtub! And I helped!”

SQUIRT: Boring! Mom, you have no talent with this.

BONNIE: Hmmpf.

SQUIRT: Let me think… um, uh…heh! No…

BONNIE: Too late! Time to move on!

Picture of what looks like two lightning bolts hitting the ground in tandem
e -loo’s photostream

SQUIRT: HA! “As farmer Bob got beamed to the mother ship, he realized he had to pee.”

BONNIE: I don’t get it.

SQUIRT: Ha ha ha ha ha!

BONNIE: What? What’s the joke?


Picture of baby taking a bath in the kitchen sink
Allyson & Aiden Myers’ photostream

BONNIE: “Bubbles? Why, I have absolutely no idea how these bubbles got there.”

SQUIRT: (rolls eyes) No, Mom. Give it up!

BONNIE: Well, that is what it was like when I bathed you boys in the sink.


Fish-eye picture of a young woman's chest
Sumerset’s Photostream

SQUIRT: Hey, Holly! Come to my front door really quick! Stand close to the spyhole!

BONNIE: Ahem. Young man. And who’s Holly?

Picture of church bulletin board announcing 'OUTH NIGHT'
Squid Ink’s photostream

BONNIE: “OUTH NIGHT was a such a big hit, the vestry committee immediately scheduled INGO NIGHT and an ANCAKE BREAKFAST.”


Picture of gal opening mouth wide, as if eating the mountain pictured behind her
seriously mandy’s photostream

SQUIRT: “Eat the mountain!” Or even better, “Get in my belly, mountain!”

BONNIE: That’s what I wanted to say, but you beat me to it.

SQUIRT: Sure, Mom.

Picture of couple costumed in masses of white and black balloons
rubymatt’s photostream

BONNIE: “This is what happens when the Fruit of the Loom Guys get old and gray.” Or old and black and white, as the case may be.

SQUIRT: “This is what happens when mom picks bad Flickr photos.”

16 Replies to “Random Flickr Blogging with Squirt”

  1. This was waaaaaay too much fun. Now I can’t wait until next week to see the random Flickr thingy.

    Yeah, I need one more reason to spend an inordinate amount of time on my computer blogging.

  2. LOL! Squirt’s a funny dude! Love the flaming squirrels. And eat the mountain. 🙂 Thanks for a giggle.

  3. Bubbles? Why, I have absolutely no idea how these bubbles got there.

    When my brothers and I were small we made our own Jacuzzi in the bath, before Jacuzzi got the patent. I know, gross.

  4. oh and… apparently I need more coffee – it took my a minute or two to figure out “outh night” … sheesh! 🙂

  5. Too funny. With the balloons I was thinking “that is what happens when you fart in fruit of the looms. Love the squirrel one

  6. Waving Hiiiii from across the pond. I’m soooooo behind in my blog reading.

    LOL Thanks Bonnie you made me smile.

  7. Hey, guys! I’ve been swamped!

    I’m glad you all liked it—I’ve been trying to get Squirt to work on a Random Flickr Blogging with me for a couple of weeks. He is a persnickety boy, that’s for sure.

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