No Super Sabado this week… sorry!

Mark Fontana
In the meantime, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of the loving and supportive messages for Mark’s family, both in the comments section and by e-mail.

How wonderful you all are, reaching out with thoughts of comfort and sympathy as you’ve done here! This world is full of grief, but kind hearts like yours soften the blow.

I’ll make sure Mark’s family gets copies of all your condolences. Thank you, guys. You’re the best.

10 Replies to “No Super Sabado this week… sorry!”

  1. My thoughts are with his family. You have nothing to say sorry for. We’ll hear from you when you are ready.

  2. No apologies are needed, Bonnie.

    Take the time you need.

    May his laugh always live in your hearts.

  3. There really are never any words to help ease the pain of loss. But just know we’re thinking about you. And we’ll be waiting patiently until you’re ready to be back.

  4. Bonnie, nobody expected you to do a “Super Sabado” or anything else on the site this terrible week. We all love you and I so wish I could cross the miles and give you a hug. As I can’t, here’s a cyber one from Sicily. As others have said, come back when you are ready, Bonnie. Thinking of you, Pat.

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