Monday Morning Mojo No. 22

WHAT: My pocketbook.

I bought this pocketbook during the first half of the Clinton Administration. Yeah, I know, it looks like it.

As I recall, it took me about an hour to go through all the pocketbooks at Target until I found JUST THE RIGHT ONE: a pocketbook that could hold everything I threw at it, like:

  • my checkbook
  • a couple of credit cards
  • at least a dozen member discount cards
  • one pound of change
  • one or two Lego pieces
  • a button that popped off somebody’s shirt about three years ago
  • one key to I know not where
  • a wad of Blockbuster coupons in various stages of expiration
  • one piano recital flier
  • two report cards
  • four swim meet entry cards
  • at least eight months’ worth of receipts

… among other things.

This pocketbook held it all. Bravely. Nobly. Without complaint.

Until it met the Mojonator.

HOW: I left it on the couch with my keys (duh!) while I put away our groceries. Next thing I know, our van’s alarm is going off! After I raced to the front yard to see who was trying to break into our van, I realized:

  1. Our van doesn’t have a car alarm.

It does have a “panic” button on the key ring, though, a panic button meant to be pressed only in the event of an extreme emergency—like if I can’t fit into my fat pants.

Somebody else was pressing the panic button!

And guess what I found in somebody’s dog bed?

  1. One bulldog, chewing on a panic button
  2. One chewed-up pocketbook

HUBBY’S REACTION: Left it on the floor, hunh?

BONNIE’S REACTION: I don’t want to talk about it.


7 Replies to “Monday Morning Mojo No. 22”

  1. Oh my word. What a Mojo.

    It must be the weekend of new wallets. I broke down. Might have happened sooner if Mojo had spurned me along at a faster clip.

    Sorry the Mojonator struck. Looked like a nice item.

    who must remember she has a purse instead of her pockets.

  2. Hi all,

    Here are some little known facts about Mojo:

    [a] Who lobbied to get him to get him in the first place? I did.

    [b] Who put in wood floors to get him? I did – well they are almost done.

    [c] Who does Mojo love most? Bonnie!

    [d] Who does Mojo have around his little paw? Bonnie!

    Basically that darn dog follows Bonnie around the house and only puts up with the boys and me. In the mornings when I get up (while Bonnie is still sleeping) he whines and whines until Bonnie finally gets up and then it’s sunshine!

    But he’s a little cutie so I’ll keep him.

    Big Daddy

  3. Auh, geez…as soon as I saw the hard wood floor loading, I knew the Mojonator had struck again! At least it didn’t chew on any Ben Franklins…LOL

  4. Honey:

    a) Laminate, not wood. The better to withstand dog nails and puppy pee.

    b) We BOTH put in the floors, and they’re mostly done, too, except for the baseboards, and you know how I feel on THAT subject.

    c) The only person wrapped around Mr. Stinky’s paw is you, my love. But you are a big cutie, so I think I’ll keep you.

    Right now Mr. Stinky is busy licking Hubby’s head during his morning ab crunches. (Bleah!) He won’t do that for anybody else, just the big sexy bald guys. So I bet he thinks he’ll keep Hubby, too.

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