Monday Morning Mojo No. 21

Thanks to last week’s episode of the Monday Morning Mojo, upholstery foam is no longer safe around Mojo. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that once he gets a whiff of upholstery foam, he’ll not stop until he hunts it down and crushes it between his jaws.

Picture of the aftermath of the first Mojo Bed Attack

WHAT: Dog Bed, After Mojonator Attack

HOW: We always put this covered foam bed outside with Mojo so he has a place to lie in the sun. He’s slept on it many, many times without incident, but that was before he drew first blood—I mean, first foam—in the last Monday Morning Mojo, thus learning what illicit delights await those who rip open upholstery. (They discover FOAM INSIDE.)

When I found the carcass, I picked it up and put it in a safe place. I thought, “Perhaps I can salvage salvage some of this foam, maybe remake it into a cat carrier bed… or something.” And then I put another (non foam) dog bed outside for him to lie down upon; in fact, I put two.

Being the alert human being that I am, I realized that if I left the bed on the ground, Mojo would continue to rip the bed apart, because he is a dog who always finishes what he starts.

Hubby is not an alert human being.

Picture of the aftermath of the second Mojo Bed Attack

Oh, yes, Hubby may LOOK alert. He may be an excellent engineer and supervise several people; Hubby may even be the proud possessor of an MBA as well as being so lucky as to be married to the author of this blog… but when it comes to his Mojo, Hubby is Definitely Not an Alert Human Being.

WHAT: Dog Bed, After Second Mojonator Attack

HOW: Hubby saw his beloved bulldog outside without a foam bed on which to lie. He searched the house for said foam bed, found it and returned it to the Mojonator, despite its partially-destroyed condition.

MOJO’S REACTION: Woo hoo! The lord giveth back what the lady taketh away! Me thinketh I’m gonna have a great time finishing the job I started!

BONNIE’S REACTION: Aw, Hubby! Why’d you give him back his bed? Didn’t you see he’d already torn it apart?

HUBBY’S REACTION: What do you mean, “torn it apart”? I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. I thought it looked fine! And he needed a bed!

BONNIE: But there were already two dog beds out there for him to use!

HUBBY: But he wanted HIS dog bed.

REPLACEMENT COST: None. Do you really think I’m going to buy more foam beds, knowing what Mojo’ll do to them?

7 Replies to “Monday Morning Mojo No. 21”

  1. Doesn’t foam give off chemicals that are harmful to the ozone or something?

    Go, Mojo! Save us from the environmental menace.

  2. Whew! Got my Mojonator fix.

    What a foxy pup. Determined, too.

    I think Two-toes has been discussing the finer points of shred with Mojo.

    Beware orange juice bottles.

  3. Yikes…I hope he poops it out in big white blobs all over your yard….No…I really hope he does…I had a dog that needed surgery behind eating a large quantity of foam that he couldn’t pass!

  4. hi bonnie! i read this and laughed. i am a one-woman advertising campaign for all of the pet products sold at –everything we have ordered has been incredibly well made, the doggie beds in particular– are almost indestructable yet very plush and comfy. i don’t think even mojo could gnaw through. i know auggie has stopped trying just out of frustration.

  5. Hi, guys! Bernita, thanks for dropping by.

    Pat: Mojo, the environmental activist? Who knew?

    Kait: He does love plastic bottles, ever since he was tiny.

    Bonnie: He survived last week’s foam job, so this week should be a piece of cake.

    Dennie: Heh!

    And Susan: Thanks for the idea…although I can’t help but wonder; as Auggie grows won’t his teeth grow with him?

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