Living in the post-candy apocalypse (with a side trip to the Apple Store)

In case you’ve been wondering if I tipped head-first into a giant Halloween bowl of candy, I did. It took forever to climb out, too, especially considering how bottom-heavy I got while I was in there.

We’re talking HUGE. I keep bumping into things I never used to bump into, a sure sign I need to start working out again. Either that, or move into a bigger house.

Anyway, while I was living it up in the candy bowl my laptop battery decided to go on strike, so I visited the UTC Apple Store to check battery prices.

While I was there I played with some of the new MacBooks and the software that comes with them, including something I never heard of before called “Photo Booth.” It sounded interesting, so I clicked the little Photo Booth icon and started it up.

A video began and I decided Photo Booth must be a movie player of some kind. And I wasn’t going to say anything critical until I knew more, but this movie was pretty darn boring! Kind of like an art student project where nothing ever happens but the actors look pained all the time anyway.

There was only one actor so far, an older woman who did nothing but peer into the space below the camera. I waited, but she didn’t do anything else, except squint. And look kind of peeved. Or maybe she was trying to convey annoyance about something.

Boy, I thought, that gal sure looks an awful lot like my mom. In fact, she could be my mom’s sister! No, maybe a little younger than my Mom. Maybe more like her… her…

… her daughter.

Good grief.

Turns out Photo Booth makes videos using the iSight video camera built into the MacBook screen. And that art movie? It was nothing but a horror flick featuring me—the old, squinty, peevish woman at the UTC Apple Store.

I’m sure Photo Booth will be handy for video chats and the like, but you won’t catch me using it again, unless I put a paper bag over my head.

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  1. Aww, that was sweet.

    You know, there’s an evil looking old woman who has been jumping in front of me every time I try to look in the mirror. I’ll bet she’d stand in front of me if I checked out one of those Photo Booth thingies, too.

  2. Too funny Bonnie…and so (so)sweet of Big Daddy. No…I shall not be doing the photo booth thing either. Not unless they have a version that shoots from across the room and in dim light. Maybe we could do what Cybill Shepard had them do in “Moonlighting.” I heard from a source that they had to put a little vaseline on the camera lens to soften her appearance. Now…I wonder if that is gossip or truth or both. 😉

    Ciao bella…have a great weekend.

  3. I have Photo Booth in my iMac. We LOVE it! I use it for quick and easy (and sometimes weird, bizarre and strange) profile pics. It’s also GREAT entertainment for teen and tween visitors. They can sit there for HOURS distorting and contorting their features and taking pics. It’s one of the best features on iMac.

    Now, let’s NOT discuss Pages, their newish WP (yuck! Where’d they bury that good ole Appleworks?) or the iPhoto program (double yuck). I love my Mac, but I wish they’d stop screwing around with lousy new programs and just upgrade the old ones that most folk were quite happy with.

  4. Awwww, Hubby. I sure do love you.

    Ladies, don’t you agree I’m a very lucky woman?

    Ms. Karen, I guess I didn’t recognize the squinty old woman at first because she wasn’t looking directly at the screen like the squinty old woman in my mirror does. Talk about scary!

    Teri, apparently Photo Booth can filter/distort your appearance somewhat, but I was too eager to leave the screen to learn more about it.

    Heh, Steve! I think seeing me might have given you a bit of a heart murmur, anyway.

    Yeah, Bernita! They should put a warning sign up: “Warning! Objects in the screen appear larger, older, and squintier than they really are!”

    Hmm, Groovy, the more I look at the distortion features, I see how it could be fun. It’s just how it snuck up on me like it did.

    I agree with you 100% about Pages and Appleworks. Appleworks is a great little workhorse of a program. But what’s wrong with iPhoto? I’m using version 5.0.4, and I think it’s pretty reasonable—are you on a newer version? What photo storage software do you use? I’m always in the mood to test drive new software, as long as it doesn’t sneak up on me like that Photo Booth did.

  5. If that were me, it would cause me to wonder if it was the camera or the candy bowl that caused me to magically gain those 10 pounds.

    For me, it was probably the candy bowl, since I now have my own gravitational field… stupid white chocolate Kit Kats.

  6. I agree with you, Bonnie. You got a great man there! And the pix I have seen back it up so I KNOW he speaks true!

    Have a lovely Friday.

  7. I know the feeling, Bonnie.. Saw my reflection in a bus window the other day and was shocked! I gotta list of flattering mirrors in this town and I take care to only look at myself in those. You have got a great hubby there!

  8. Hi…we’re both on blogging chicks so I thought I’d stop by and visit.

    Great Looking Blog! Wow. Also, this story was a hoot…I find myself being dumbfounded by technology more and more, and I’m only 37. Argh.

    Hug the puppy for me, and I will be back.

  9. There’s a gray haired old lady that looks at me everytime I look into my bathroom mirror. Mirrors and cameras suck.

  10. I have 6.0.5 iPhoto. I don’t like the way it keeps EVERYTHING always on screen in the library. I take one look and I get overwhelmed, consequently I never manage to get anything printed. You can put things in folders, but then they’re still there staring at me in the library and they won’t go away and I get very tense. I can’t remember what’s already in folders and what photos still nedd to be filed. It makes me CRAZY!!! Is that how yours works, or did they screw that up too?

    (Maybe I’m just a trifle too hormonal)

  11. This is so funny. My 86 year old grandmother just got a new iMac with the fancy camera. Of course my husband who is a computer tech had to set up her mac with her picture that was taken while she innocently sat in front of it working it out. Poor Gma says she is scared to death every time the machine boots up and shows her picture. At least he didn’t have the silly lense features on, I don’t even like those things.

  12. Oh, Bonnie. I know how you feel. A friend of mine had a party once where everyone who came got glamour shots of themselves done. It was a couple weeks before we got the proofs back. It wasn’t bad enough that I looked like my mother. I looked like my grandmother.

  13. Oh, Bonnie, glad your survived the bottomless bowl.

    I just tossed the Easter candy I found squirrelled away. :O

    Mirrors are scary. They keep showing me this lady with a goofy smile and hair going white. 😉

    Your hubby is a sweetums. Definitely a keeper!

    Happy friday.

  14. I don’t even know where the halloween candy is hidden.

    Turns out that I have photo booth also. I did a Mindy Noir, but can’t load it into this comment.

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