How to search the Prescient Miss Snark

Miss Snark needs an index. Today she recommended that new users search her site with Google for answers to their questions.

Google can help. Enter “miss Snark” and the topic, like “writers conferences” and you’ll be surprised what pops up. Miss Snark

The only problem with this method is that it brings up all the pages on the internet containing the words “Miss,” “Snark,” “writers” and “conferences.”

This is a slightly better way to search: type the search term, like “telling lies” into the Google search box. Make a space and follow with “”.

It should look like this:

Now the only thing that’ll come up are Miss Snark’s pages, including her July 6, 2005 post, “Telling Lies for Fun and Profit.”

But, there are other books categorized as non fiction
and published by major publishers that have wild ass claims
as well.

Edward Klein’s diatribe about Hillary Clinton leaps to mind.
And James Frey’s Million Little Pieces.

I haven’t read Klein, and don’t intend to.
I did read James Frey’s book and found myself wondering-
did anyone check up on this?
It’s a memoir, and truth is stranger than fiction, and maybe
I’m too much a cynic but there are some parts of that
book that made me wish he’d published it in the New Yorker.
The New Yorker has a fact checking department that is
pretty much legendary.

Miss Snark, July 6, 2005, Telling Lies for Fun and Profit,” posted three months before Oprah announced A Million Little Pieces as her latest book club selection, and five months before the Smoking Gun exposed the real story behind Frey’s “memoir.”

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  1. It happened again. I learned something new when least expecting it. Ouch. It hurt.

    Wait, that was tripping over the assorted dog toys.

    Thanks for the tip, Bonnie. All for better searching.

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