Gravatars, schmavatars!

I just spent a chunk of my morning trying to enable gravatars. Hopefully I’ve got them working now, but if you see any strangeness going on (outside of the usual Bonnie strangeness) then contact me ASAP!

If you aren’t sure what a gravatar is, it’s pretty cool. You sign up at, using the e-mail you usually post comments with.

Then, if you comment at a site that has enabled gravatars, your avatar shows up in the comment section next to your comment. See here:

screenshot of me using my gravatar

You Blogger people already have this option for all comments made at Blogger, but there’s a whole world of non-Blogger sites that won’t accept your Blogger avatar. offers you a free and easy way to get your mugshot out there in the real world!

On my site, if you haven’t registered for a gravatar, this picture will show up:

Default gravatar at Ballpoint Wren

I had a few problems getting the few gravatar plugins I tried to work: activating any of them caused my entire site to throw up an error message. But this Gravatars2 plugin took off running right away, no fuss, no muss.

Also, there’s a waiting process when you sign up for a gravatar, during which “rates” your gravatar (PG, R, X, etc.), so be patient. My application took two days or so to be rated.

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  1. Odd. I didn’t have any problems with Skippy’s version. Though the first time I used it, I copied his supplied comments.php form directly. Since then, I’ve gotten a better grasp of the template, and didn’t have problems custom coding the comments form with gravatars. But as long as they are working… đŸ™‚

  2. Oooh, my first gravatar-supplied comment! I see I need to mess with my style sheet a little.

    I’ve really hacked my templates to bits, Miklb. It’s very likely something I did borked the other plugins, but I’m glad I got one working.

  3. Oh, great!
    I’m destined to show up forever as a patch of couch/witch grass!
    A chia pet! Cow fodder!

  4. Chia Bernita! Hmmm… maybe I should try that random gravatar generator.

    Michelle, do you have a gravatar that’s not showing up?

    Kait, how about your wolf avatar?

  5. Okay, I’ll bite. If this works you should be seeing one dog, his old man and one Apple III microcomputer with joystick, all wrapped up in a nostalgic 80’s TV reference. An expression of my individuality in an 80 by 80-pixel image.

  6. Yikes! It didn’t work! Did you just sign up for a gravatar, Robert? If so, it might take a few days for the gravatar to get rated and put into use.

  7. I did just sign up. My gravatar was rated (G) and I posted maybe an hour after that. I’ll try again, perhaps tomorrow, to see if it works.

  8. I often forget that I have a gravatar until I comment on a site that has them enabled.

    I’m still not sure Norman Bates was the best choice, though.

  9. Norman Bates is good, but I actually see you as more of a Bruce Campbell avatar, with a little peek of chainsaw. Like this:

    image of Bruce Campbell with a little chainsaw

    or maybe this:

    image of Bruce Campbell

    or even this:

    image of Bruce Campbell

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