Teenager Thought for the Day: more bang for his bucks

SQUIRT: You know that swim trip to Sweden that’s gonna cost $2000 if we go?

The way I figure it is, sure, I could spend $2000 and go to Sweden and look at Swedish babes…


I could spend $2000 and get TWO laptops! And then I could look at Swedish babes on the internet all I want!

13 Replies to “Teenager Thought for the Day: more bang for his bucks”

  1. LOL. Gotta hand it to Squirt.

    I guess I’m glad that Keegan still runs from the room at the mention of babes or kissing.

  2. Squirt is adorable! He makes me miss those days with my own sons …or on second thought maybe not. It’s more fun to relive it vicariously. 😉

  3. Can’t blame the kid for trying. After all, he is related to the Ballpoint Wren. 😉

    Also…he’s not such a little squirt anymore, is he?

    Ciao bella…be well.

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