11 Replies to “Do You Speak English?”

  1. That is hilarious!

    Somehow it reminds me of an old friend of mine who grew up in Ashland, OR and worked at a gas station as a teenager. When tourists asked him for directions, he would just shake his head and say “you can’t get there from here.” 😉

  2. Oh man! That reminds me of something Dave would’ve done when he lived in Germany…a linguist (German, Serbo-Croation, and Russian) for the Army. He is such a sarcastic brat. I could totally see him do that to someone! He probably has.

  3. Funny you should say that, Mimi, because I was going to ask you if that’s Dave in the clip.

    Touche, Mr. Waugh!

    They’re naughty boys, Kristen. Did you hear what they say at the end? “I CAN speak English!” “So can I!”

    Hello, Tom, thanks for dropping by.

    Tom started this meme called “Random Flickr Blogging” I’m going to try out, so everybody keep an eye out for it! It looks like fun.

  4. I was in a train station in Germany (Munich maybe? Can’t remember where) late one night wearing clothes that did not identify me as an ignorant American peasant who could only speak one language. There were two ignorant American college-age peasants looking in gross confusion at the train schedule posted near the tracks. I listened to them argue about train numbers, track numbers, and times. When they realized how lost they were (about ten minutes after I figured out how lost they were), they timidly approached me and took several minutes trying to ask me, in poor German, how to get to their destination. I walked up to the posted schedule and told them, in English, what train, track and time they needed. It was fun watching their jaws drop when they realized I had let them struggle for almost fifteen minutes before taking fifteen seconds to set them straight. They didn’t even say thank you, just walked away, heads down. Americans were so fun to mess with over there.

  5. Aw, jeez, you caught me watching. Even turned on my speakers, so I got the joke. Love British humor. Wasted a whole, what? Minute or two. And now I’m here, commenting again, spending more time, expressing myself. Yeah, I don’t have cable, either.

  6. Michelle, that’s me, too. When we had cable, I could not make myself turn the TV off, not even to go to sleep! Once it was on, it was ON.

    Dave, you are tough—although I don’t consider that story to be you “messing with” anybody over there. When I went to France I got messed with plenty. Usually by waiters.

    Hi, Georganna! I love British humor, too. I should probably limit my internet time as it is my biggest time-wasting vice.

  7. France would’ve been a great place if it weren’t for all the French people there. That sucked. You should’ve reminded them that they would have been taunting you in German if it hadn’t been for us.

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