But it’s expensive vomit

A picture of what looks like a bunch of beach rocks
Yup. A big ole’ bunch of rocks. Who knew?

I don’t know about you, but this just looks like a bunch of rocks to me. Yet it’s not a bunch of rocks. It’s ambergris.

And do you know where ambergris comes from?

Sperm whales. They vomit this stuff up and then it floats on the ocean until it washes ashore someplace.

And ambergris is pricey. An Australian couple found what they thought was a waxy rock on the beach, took it home and learned it was really a piece of whale vomit—worth approximately $295,000!

This raises some interesting philosophical questions, like, how do I get my very own rock whale vomit ambergris worth several hundred thousand dollars?

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  1. Great, not only do i feel sick whilst reading this and eating my watermelon BUT knowing i could’a been that Australian with $295,000 makes me even sicker!!

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