A handy “how to” guide for dealing with the pesky undead

This party is over a month away and yet Squirt—the kid who won’t work on a term paper unless it’s due within 24 hours—has already spent hours planning.

SQUIRT: Mom, we’re supposed to bring an unwrapped book, music CD or movie DVD.

BONNIE: So what do you want to bring?

SQUIRT: Well, I thought it over and decided on a book: The Zombie Survival Guide.

BONNIE: I’m not too sure tha—

SQUIRT: I almost went with Gaiman’s Coraline, because, well, it really IS a good book. But you just can’t beat The Zombie Survival Guide for usefulness and practicality.

10 Replies to “A handy “how to” guide for dealing with the pesky undead”

  1. Too funny…I hate it when I forget my guide and all the Zombies know it because that is precisely when they decide to eat my brains.

    BTW, you were right…I had the bullseye on my forehead…been sick for the last few days but am much better now!

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Mimi. By the time old Mom gets sick, everybody is back to work/school/whatever and nobody will take care of her like she took care of them.

    Bonnie, Kait and Dennie: so you don’t think I should put in another call to the school counselor???

  3. I could use that book. Some of the people I work with look like they’ve been dead for years…and, boy, are they pissed about it.

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