A comedy three thousand years in the making

Whew! I’ve been running around like the proverbial headless chicken, only it turns out headless chickens aren’t proverbial, they’re DOCUMENTED. In one case, a headless chicken named Mike survived long enough to run around sans su cabeza for over a year.

Who knew?

On behalf of all headless chickens out there, please accept my apologies for trivializing your personal experience.

At any rate, I have a feeling Mike the Headless Chicken fulfilled his obligations better than I’ve done lately. I can barely get out coherent sentences, much less decent blog posts. Thank goodness for fake movie preview videos like the one below. I can link to one and assuage my guilt, all in one smooth move.

Does anybody else think Yul Brynner is the major hunk of supreme male hotness that I think he is?

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  1. I dunno Bonnie, i figure Yul was gay! Any male that hot usually is………………not that they’res anything wrong with that!

  2. What? Mike’s story is fake? No way!

    photo of headless mike

    If Mike was a fake, he fooled those guys at the Guinness World Records.

    As for my man Yul, gay or straight, you’re right, it doesn’t matter—he’s still a hunka hunka burning bewitchery. I could look at him all day.

  3. I love Moses! What a great way to advertise it. LOL…not sure about the bush, but hey! I laughed anyway! Ha!

  4. I know, Mimi, I almost didn’t link to it because of Principal Bush. That’s the first time I’ve linked to a non-PG item. I apologize if Keegan got an earful. From now on I’ll post a warning for stuff like that.

    What did you think of “Sinead O’Connor”? Heh!

    Elizabeth, I think the reason I find bald men attractive is because of my childhood exposure to Yul Brynner movies. Even in Westworld he was mucho sexy.

  5. Yul is a hottie, that is why I watch Ten Commandments (around Easter)faithfully. Sorry Michelle but Yul was definitely not gay because I heard he was a very good womanizer. So keep ur FYI in check, o-kay!

  6. Hi, Darielle! I read that he was a notorious womanizer, too. He was married a couple of times, that’s for sure, had some kids and adopted a few, too. He was a colorful guy in many ways.

  7. Thanks Bonnie,

    He was married four times to first an actress, then a model,later a socialite and last a dancer (three marriages ended in divorce). He had five children (three biological and two adopted). Did you read his son’s books? (because his only son wrote two biographies about his life). It’s really good.

    I Wish For WORLD PEACE, whatever that means

  8. Bonnie~ No worries about Keegan. Both Keegan and Evan saw it and cracked up. I don’t hide them from the world and they can certainly laugh at something that HILARIOUS! Thanks for thinking about it though. You are a sweetheart!

    Dave just saw this and was laughing so hard and loud that I asked what was wrong. He is going to copy it and send it out over e-mail. LOL

  9. It’s not so unusual. There are countless people where I work who have gone longer without a brain than Mike the chicken.

  10. Like me, Dave! I’ve been running around for YEARS without a brain. Not doing as well as Mike, though.

    Darielle: Now that I know about it, I’m going to look for those books at the library. I really enjoy movie star bios… they’re lots of fun. Thank you for the heads up!

    I’m glad, Mimi! Tell Keegan and Evan I said ‘Hi’.

  11. Yul Brynner was not gay,but he sure was a damned hot, sexy stud of a man.

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