7:30 am, Black Friday 2006

Line of people outside EB Games

Another camera phone picture: this line at EB Games wrapped all the way down past several stores in the UTC mall.

So. Who went shopping today? Not me! I was just out on a walk.

Line of people outside EB Games

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  1. wow, i was tempted to go. but we went to the zoo instead. the panda line was worse there. have a great weekend, bonnie!

  2. I braved the sock frenzie at 5:30 this morning, then went home. After a nice nap, we went for a lovely, long ride to North Seattle and enjoyed NOT being in any malls or stores.

  3. There is not enough money in the world to tempt me into participating in “Black Friday”. My sanity is worth more than any money I’d save on those good deals and we all know that I have very little sanity left.

  4. I spend black friday lounging and lazing and decorating for Christmas. I loathe crowds, so I refuse to even go to the grocery store until Monday!

  5. Those cell phone cameras can be dangerous. I’ve heard that the batteries can explode if you take one into a coed sauna.

  6. Hi. I just looked up “Black Friday” on Wikipedia as I had not seen the term before. So now I know! Here in Sicily the shops are just putting up their Christmas lights.

  7. Cyn, I haven’t been to the zoo in a long time, but even then, the panda line was ENORMOUS.

    Ms. Karen, your sock search cracked me up!

    Sharp eyes, Ms. Bonnie. E. B. Games, home of the super special Day-After-Thanksgiving Deals!

    Me either, Wander. It wasn’t so bad on my walk, though, because I didn’t have to park at the mall!

    Groovy! You are way ahead of me. I need to decorate for Christmas this week, though. I’m not looking forward to it.

    Steve, you got it wrong: the batteries don’t explode, but your head will! Those coeds are DANGEROUS.

    Welshcakes, I forgot to put a link explaining Black Friday. Sorry!

    Wow, Cyn, did you go out early?

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