This is Hubby’s protein shake

Picture of Hubby's protein shake

It contains whey protein (Bavarian Chocolate flavor), flax oil, a little yogurt and psyllium husks. He drinks one of these concoctions every morning. It must do something good for him because that man can deep squat serious poundage like nobody’s business.

And this…

Picture of Hubby's protein shake, tipped over

…is Hubby’s protein shake, 30 minutes after he forgets to drink it.

10 Replies to “This is Hubby’s protein shake”

  1. Darn it! That’s expensive stuff. Give it to Mojo – he eats anything.

    Big Daddy

    PS: You forgot to mention I also add milk, frozen berries, and a banana to the mix… and in fairness that was the left over (I already drank about twice that amount in the mixer glass).

  2. OK…my gag reflex did not need that before lunch! Isn’t it likely that the second photo is what it is like in your stomach 30 minutes after consumption? Whew!

  3. Hubby, how come you don’t sign your REAL name?

    Bayou and Dennie: I’m positive that’s what it looks like in one’s intestinal tract after consumption. A tablespoon of psyllium husk can do wonders for the passage of … er… time. Among other things.

  4. Whey protein..Nuh uh….no way!!! And Psyllium husks, now that stuff is just plain nasty! You aughta’ give that to Cujo…, I mean Mojo….No on second thought, instead of taking stuff, he’s be leaving you stuff! Yikes!

  5. Snaps to Big Daddy for being man enough to consume THAT. Anything that stands up when it’s laid down scares me… 🙂

  6. HA HA HA !!! When I told someone that I eat a bowl of high fiber stuff for breakfast, she replied, “Why don’t you just chew on the trees out back?”

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