Student achievement

Look what students in Europe and Asia are doing:

The first satellite to be designed and built entirely by European students on the internet was successfully launched from a site in northern Russia, paving the way for what its backers hope will be more pioneering student projects in space.

The micro-satellite, named Sseti Express, blasted off on the back of a Russian Cosmos-3M rocket from a cosmodrome in Plessetsk with satellites from China, Germany, Iran, Norway, Japan and Britain sharing the ride.

‘Student project’ satellite launched from Russia,” Tony Paterson, Oct. 28 2005

Cool, hunh? Gee whiz. Kids nowadays — whew!

My kids are no slouches, either. In fact, Squirt is a founding member of a brand-new club at his high school! Here’s a flyer:

When the time comes,
are you going to be a SURVIVER? [sic]
Or a screaming WUSSIE?

Be prepared! Join the

We’re very proud.

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