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She Ain’t No Collawearin’ Dog

Filed under: Little Critters on Saturday, July 2, 2005

A few times my momís tried to put it on
but I made a big fuss and she took it off
Cause I ain’t no collawearin dog
I ain’t no collawearin dog

Mojo found this Miniature Dachshund’s website and now I can’t get him off the computer.

Piper is a DWA (Doxy With Attitude) and owns an awesome set of pipes. You can hear her Dogs Rule message in “I ain’t no collawearin’ dog” but we get a peek at her vulnerable side, too, in “I believe in pee.”

I believe I’m gonna screw it up
and go pee all over the couch
I’m really sorry, Mom.

I believe in me, I do,
I believe in me,
I know I can be potty-trained,
I’m still in the game…

“Mom” is the very pretty Rachel Diggs, who has her hands full with Piper as well as her own music career.


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