Monday Morning Mojo No. 9

Last week in Monday Morning Mojo: our intrepid bulldog continued his quest for chewage. After exhausting his supply of those items found on the floor, he moved on to objects found hanging within shoe racks and resting on the sofa. This week he turns to those things residing in the lower shelves of our bookcases, namely, books.

Living Dead in Dallas

WHAT: Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris, second in the Southern Vampire series in which ultra-cute barmaid Sookie Stackhouse meets the mysterious vampire Bill and a whole lot of exciting vampiric happenings ensue.

“Oh, ho!” You might say, “Mojo dislikes the occult: vampires, shape-shifters, witches, fairies and other demonic stuff, that’s all!”

You think?

Take a look at this:

Mere Christianity

WHAT: Mere Christianity, by Christian apologist C.S. Lewis.

BONNIE’S REACTION: Really, this is getting old. Can’t you learn any new tricks? What, do you think money grows on trees? Those chew toys we got you aren’t to your liking? Am I getting through to you, dog?


BONNIE: Well, I guess you are kind of cute with your big brown eyes and the way your lower jaw sticks ou—

MOJO: (Snorts and slobbers on Bonnie’s jeans)

BONNIE: Eewww!

REPLACEMENT COST: Harris book: $7.99. Lewis book: $5.95. And I had to wash those jeans, too.

5 Replies to “Monday Morning Mojo No. 9”

  1. The Rat Dog once ate a Engineering Physics book. I was failing the course, so really it didn’t make much difference.

    But a Southern Vampires Series book? Really, Mojo, have you no shame?

  2. I had the same problem when my 4yo was teething – he ate umpteen bookmakrs and one book (who I shant say as they might take it personally that was the only book he gnawed on)

  3. “Replacement Cost: Harris book: $7.99. Lewis book: $5.95. And I had to wash those jeans, too.”


    What a cute dog!

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