Monday Morning Mojo No. 8

It’s a dark day in the Wren household.

Very, very… DARK.

Pic of my poor, dead cell phone

WHAT: My Cell Phone.

I thought the boys were showing me some poor soul’s cell phone that they’d found in the street. I thought a truck had run over this phone and left it to die. I thought, “Ah, how sad for someone. Thank goodness my cell phone is safe, here on the sofa…”

WHERE: The sofa.

HOW: The sofa was soaked in several quarts of bulldog drool and covered with enough bulldog hair to give Vin Diesel a new rug. So. That let off the cats and the standard poodle. This deed was done by none other than… The Mojonator.

BUT…. HOW? His skills are growing at a rapid rate. He’s like one of those radioactive amoebas that take over Manhattan after arrogant scientists let them out of the Petri dish. Perhaps next week I shall be writing about how Mojo opened the oven door, basted the turkey and then ate it all; or maybe about how he took our van in for an oil change, picked up some groceries on the way home, and then ate both the groceries and our van.

BONNIE’S REACTION: Oh, oh, oh, oh….

TIGER’S REACTION: She’s gonna blow!



HUBBY’S REACTION: What? Spit it out! Did you leave something on the floor? (panicked) Is the dog okay?


5 Replies to “Monday Morning Mojo No. 8”

  1. Merry Christmas! You wanted a new fangled phone and now you got it. When you learn to keep the battery charged you’ll actually be able to use in a wireless manner! 🙂

  2. Oh, wow. I remember, back in the day when the Rat was young and had teeth, she’d go through everything from pencils to college textbooks (always the expensive engineering ones) in no time flat.

    Then one day, she mysteriously grew out of the destructo-phase.

  3. OOps, me thinks i spoke too soon! Ok, cute may not be an appropriate word LOL. Just think, you can get a camera phone now!

  4. Yikes! Here via Bonnie Writes. I cannot believe you would worry about him basting the turkey…I think the dog should worry about himself being basted as the turkey. I do believe I would be sorely tempted.

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