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Filed under: Meet the Family on Friday, October 21, 2005

Call the Police! We Have a Jacket Burglar!

Mom: What happened to your swim team jacket?

Squirt: Somebody took it!

Mom: Somebody took it… (rolls eyes) Somebody took it out of your room?

Squirt: (agitated) Somebody took it out of my room! Who went into my room? TIGER! WHY DID YOU GO INTO MY ROOM?

I Have No Knowledge of this Event, Your Honor

Mom: Where’s that sweatshirt we got you?

Squirt: What sweatshirt?

Mom: The one I bought at orientation, the TWENTY-SEVEN DOLLAR SWEATSHIRT.

Squirt: Oh! THAT sweatshirt. What about it?

Mom: Where is it?

Squirt: Where is what?

Clearly a case of entrapment

Mom: Where are your retainers?

Squirt: (hand on hip) Don’t YOU know? Well? Where are they?


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